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An articulating boom lift propelled by diesel is ideal for outdoor use and for use in places that are difficult to reach. The articulating boom allows you to reach over obstacles and to work at heights in ways that are
impossible with a standard lift. Its platform can be swivelled 360° and the boom can be raised or lowered (reach downwards). Furthermore, this machine can drive while being used. It is also possible to use an articulating boom lift that is narrower than the standard model: Ideal for confined working spaces. 


Training is required to operate this machine.

  • Safety materials required:

Fill in dates when rental period is known.

Technical data
Brand: JLG 150HAX
Working height: 47.74
Lift capacity: 230
Own weight: 26500
Platform dimensions: 0.91 x 2.44
Propulsion: Diesel
Reach: 24.4
Transport depth: 12.01
Transport height: 4.27
Transport width: 3.51
Parts Accessories