Charging station: Power up overnight

Charging battery-powered aerial work platforms simultaneously causes a huge peak in power demand, causing disruptions in charging – and consequently in using your rental equipment. With no solution available in the market, Riwal developed its own charging station with 9 sockets and a load balancing system for balanced equipment charging overnight. Making sure you are all powered up in the morning to get the job done.

Tube carrier: Increased safety for HVAC installation

HVAC installation works involve a lot of vertical and horizontal movements to install piping against ceilings. Pipes laying loose on the railing of the work basket or sticking out of the platform carry a significant risk. Proper fixation of equipment helps minimise safety risks, which is why we developed the tube carrier. 

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If you want to know more about the charging station, the pipe carrier or any of our other existing technical innovations, please reach out to us. And we would equally love to hear from you if you have a challenge you would like our experts to find a solution for.

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