Rent an Articulated Boom Lift

Do you have a job or project where you need an articulating boom lift? You can hire an articulating boom lift from Riwal on attractive price/quality terms. The articulating boom lift is perfect for jobs where there are obstacles at height and is also perfectly suitable for inside use. Have a look at our below listed wide range. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice. We’d be delighted to tell you more about the benefits of articulating boom lift rental!

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Technical details Articulating Boom Lift rental

When you choose to rent an articulating boom lift from Riwal, you’re choosing a flexible and versatile solution. The articulating boom lift’s combination of reach and specific articulation height make it perfect for tasks involving obstacles. Articulating boom lifts are often battery or diesel-powered. The option to install white strips on the aerial work platform ensures the articulating boom lift does not make any black marks and is therefore ideal for indoor use. The articulating boom lift is also self-propelled, allowing you to drive it to its destination and avoid transport costs.


Different options for Articulating Boom Lift rental

Riwal has a wide selection of articulating boom lifts for rental. Our articulating boom lifts are available in a range of lifting capacities, working heights, propulsion types and weights. Each different articulating boom lift is used in particular situations, so you are advised to consult the experts in the Riwal rentals team. Our family company has a rich history, and has been providing aerial work platforms for jobs and projects throughout Europe for many years. Our extensive experience guarantees we can find the right articulating boom lift for your specific job. We can also deliver the lift to your specified location, if required.


Articulating Boom Lift rental from Riwal

Riwal focuses on providing the very best advice. We not only ensure that you get the right articulating boom lift, we also offer you special training so that you are fully trained in operating your lift safely and effectively. These courses have been created by IPAF, an international organisation that has been delivering training courses to ensure the safe and effective use of aerial work platforms for over 30 years. As an official training centre for IPAF aerial work platform courses, Riwal will guide you through successful completion of this course, and you will become certified in the safe operation of your articulating boom lift. Want to know more about renting an articulating boom lift? Do you want advice about renting an articulating boom lift? Or are you wondering whether an articulating boom lift is the best solution, and maybe you want to know more about our other aerial work platforms? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced rentals team is here to offer you specialist advice, and help you find the right aerial work platform for your project or job. You will be joining a long list of satisfied customers, both in the Netherlands and abroad, that have rented articulating boom lifts from us for their various jobs and projects. Discover the advantages Riwal can deliver by renting an articulating boom lift from the one-stop-provider and expert partner in aerial work platform rental!

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