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We know everything there is to know about working at height. With 55+ years of history and operations in 14 countries across the world, Riwal is the most experienced partner in powered access equipment.

Our story started in 1968 with the British crane rental firm Richards & Wallington opening a subsidiary in the Netherlands. In 1980, this company became private. The scope of operations was expanded by creating a separate company in 1986, specialising in the rental of aerial work platforms: Riwal Lift (Riwal is a combination of the first letters of Richards and Wallington). From 2007 on, we have focused exclusively on powered access solutions.


Riwal Code of Conduct

Riwal is committed to acting with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders. We reinforce these values by applying our Riwal Code of Conduct to all our operations.

The Riwal Code of Conduct takes account of the interests of our various stakeholders. They include employees, shareholders and financial institutions, suppliers, clients, government bodies, educational and knowledge institutes, industry and society associations (including NGOs) and the communities in which we operate.

Code of Conduct & SHEQ Policy

Supplier Code of Conduct

Riwal sets the same principles for our suppliers of goods and services as we do for ourselves and are based on our core values, our commitment to our people, our clients, our investors, the environment and communities where we work. As well as considering quality, reliability of delivery and price, we also select our suppliers based on their environmental and social performance, including safety and sustainability.

SHEQ Policy

The Riwal Holding Group sets high standards for compliance with its group-wide SHEQ management system, which is centrally coordinated and monitored. We continuously strive to give the best customer experience by providing solutions for working at heights safely and efficiently. ‘’Safety first’’ is at the heart of our business and we constantly search for ways to improve our performance and build a safety culture. We are also committed to using our global expertise to enable a more sustainable future by embracing sustainability as an integral part of our operations and decision making.

Employee Code of Conduct

Our Employee Code of Conduct is based on international guidelines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is part of the employment contracts of all Riwal staff. An anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy are both enshrined in the Code, as well as a whistleblowing policy.

Our latest news and blogs

Street smart – AWPs in public spaces
Long used in a managed and controlled environment for construction tasks, AWPs are now recognised as the preferred means of access across all industry sectors. This means both individuals and contractors responsible for undertaking work at height tasks should be aware of the safety measures necessary for responsible use in a public area. The safety principles of AWP management and operation are constant, no matter where or how an AWP is to be used, but public areas present extra challenges.
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Why is rental more sustainable?
Rental is more sustainable. Recent research has found that renting can be 30% to 50% better for the environment when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. This means that equipment rental can play a big role in helping contractors to meet increasingly ambitious sustainability goals.
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Reducing trapping and crushing injuries
Aerial work platforms are acknowledged to be one of the safest and most efficient means of providing enabling temporary working at height. In some work situations, however, operators have been trapped/crushed between the machine’s platform/basket and an overhead obstruction. This has resulted in a significant number of major injuries and fatalities. In some of these incidents, the operator’s body has been forced over the control panel, holding the controls in the “on position”, increasing the severity of any injuries.
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