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Riwal joins Boels Rental! 

Boels is proud to announce the acquisition of Riwal, a leading international specialist in aerial work platforms. Through this prospective acquisition the rental fleet of aerial work platforms and material lift solutions grows tremendously allowing us to respond even better to your needs no matter where you are located.

Our Expertise


Our safety solutions are tailored to your specific requirements because, as you may expect from a specialist like Riwal, we go above and beyond to keep you safe.


We continuously develop smart services and engineering solutions that allow our customers to maximise their productivity and simplify day to day operations.


At Riwal, we believe there is an increasingly important role for us to play in helping our customers reach net zero emissions and create a healthier planet.







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Enjoy the advantages of your personalised client space. Rent, off-rent or re-rent 24/7, view your invoices and download machine data.

Industries we proudly serve

We have the right equipment for each field of application, whether steel construction, cladding, tunnelling or otherwise. And we go above and beyond with a continuously developing range of (digital) solutions that help you improve your productivity.

Logistics and storage

Riwal is a valued supplier of several logistics and storage companies. Whether you are transporting freight, raising loads or carrying out maintenance in warehouses. If you are working in narrow aisles, we will supply a narrower aerial work platform with vertical reach. We supply a range of electric machines to ensure clean air is maintained when working indoors.


Riwal Industry Solutions is a specialist and leader in unique solutions at height for the On & Offshore Industry. We provide tailor-made, innovative solutions for a wide range of customers with very specific demands and requirements, such as fully electric machines, adjusted man baskets and low-level machines that can be used in harsh environments.

Data center
Data centers & Cleanrooms

We deliver machines to range of major data centers in Europe. We provide a broad range of equipment with a full-service setup, including IPAF Training for the operators. Riwal is able to quickly deliver a large variety of quality machines to construction and installation of data centers or to support the contractors from steel, facade, indoor walls to installation of electricity and ventilation.

Aviation & Airports

For commercial airline operators, whether they are passenger carriers or freight lines, an efficient maintenance operation is crucial to business success. There can be no compromise on safety before a plane leaves the hanger and returns to service. Our aerial work platforms provide safe and efficient access to all parts of the plane, from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip, to facilitate efficient inspections and maintenance on all aircraft ranging from small commuter planes to the largest jumbo jets flying today.


Riwal is an international specialist in working at height, and can also provide a full range of equipment for all types of events such as festivals, music concerts, cultural, institutional, corporate and political events. Riwal successfully supported global and traveling sporting events such as international sailing and motor sport races, golf and football tournaments and more. We know that getting your event in order on time can be stressful, which is why we are extremely deadline-driven and put the highest emphasis on delivering you exactly what you need, on time.

Latest news & blog posts

Do’s and don’ts in platform loading
As required for all lifting equipment, maximum capacity limits are specified for aerial work platforms. The safe working load (SWL) is expressed in kilograms, including the maximum number of people allowed in the platform. An overload is the intentional or accidental exceeding of these limits
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Safe use of AWPs in windy conditions
Aerial work platforms may encounter wind during operation, which can affect the stability of the machine. At elevated positions, the wind may be stronger than at ground level. Buildings and structures may shield or funnel wind at low levels while at the elevated position the platform is exposed to greater force. Therefore, all AWPs must be designed and tested to demonstrate stability for operation while exposed to permissible wind speeds or be labelled as designed for indoor use only.
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Street smart – AWPs in public spaces
Long used in a managed and controlled environment for construction tasks, AWPs are now recognised as the preferred means of access across all industry sectors. This means both individuals and contractors responsible for undertaking work at height tasks should be aware of the safety measures necessary for responsible use in a public area. The safety principles of AWP management and operation are constant, no matter where or how an AWP is to be used, but public areas present extra challenges.
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