Rent a Truck Mounted Lift

A truck mounted boom lift provides a highly flexible solution for working at height. Truck mounted boom lift rental from Riwal helps you in the repair and maintenance of wind turbines, tree care and cleaning windows of large buildings. Have a look at the below range of flexible, mobile truck mounted lifts. Need help? Our experienced rental team will be delighted to advice you about the different types of truck mounted lifts that we have available. We will make sure that you always have the right truck mounted boom lift for your project or job!

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Truck Mounted Lift rental: The flexible solution

Are you looking for an aerial work platform that you can easily operate yourself, that doesn’t take up too much space, and that you can use for a variety of jobs across different sectors? A truck mounted lift could be just the answer. Riwal offers truck mounted lifts in a range of working heights; you can choose a 21, 22 or 27 metre truck mounted lift. From August 2017, there is also the option to rent a truck mounted lift with a working height of no less than 29 metres. So you’re bound to find the right truck mounted lift from Riwal, whatever your job!


Truck Mounted Lift rental on site

Since the truck mounted lift is a very flexible solution, it is suitable for virtually any location. You can opt to have your Riwal truck mounted lift delivered to you on site, or you can drive it to your work location yourself, avoiding any transport costs. Whatever your requirements; Riwal is here to help. We have been a market leader in various European countries for many years, and provide aerial work platforms in optimal condition. That’s precisely why so many people have rented truck mounted lifts from us. Do you want to join our list of customers? You are of course more than welcome!


Various options from Riwal

No two aerial work platforms are alike. At Riwal, we understand that better than anyone which is why we offer you a wide range of truck mounted lifts and other machines such as vertical lifts, crawler lifts, articulating boom lifts and more. Depending on the available lifting capacity, you can choose the aerial work platform that best meets your requirements. Our experienced rentals team can advise you on the options in relation to our aerial work platform rentals. Even if you are not sure you need a truck mounted lift for your job, just contact Riwal for help and advice.


Why rent a Truck Mounted Lift from Riwal?

For many years, Riwal has supplied the highest quality aerial work platforms to customers throughout Europe. Our service is characterised by personal attention and the very best advice. After all, that’s how we ensure we provide our customers with the aerial work platform they need. Our customers are active across a range of industries, from cleaning to construction, and everything in-between. Whatever the job for an aerial work platform for, Riwal is here to help. Contact Why rent a truck mounted lift from Riwal? Simply call or email us for advice from our experienced rentals team. They will be delighted to recommend the right truck mounted lift for your job; whether you’re cleaning windows or repairing wind turbines. Truck mounted lift rental is safe, fast and simple!

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