Our sustainability commitment

At Riwal we consider sustainability as one of our pillars. Our products and services are used in many sectors, including construction, installation technology, maintenance, industry and logistics. We therefore see an important role for Riwal in the transition to a climate-neutral and healthy living environment. We are committed to people’s health and improving the natural environment.

We would like to play our part in achieving the relevant Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN Member States, as part of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. They target solutions for poverty, gender inequality, and climate change. Starting 2019, we thus decided to focus our efforts and target settings on some of these goals.

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Lifting sustainability

Our business activities have both positive and negative impacts on the environment and society.
Thus, taking steps to enhance our positive impacts while mitigating negative ones is the foundation of
our sustainability strategy. We aim to provide the best customer experience and to adopt a more sustainable way of working in the supply chain.

Rental companies have the technical, logistical, legal and commercial expertise to help their customers comply with sustainability requirements related to equipment, resulting in an overall more sustainable life cycle of the equipment. By having a customer-centric approach, our way of operating and making decisions focuses on customer demand and expectations.

On top of making our own operations and sourcing decisions more sustainable, we encourage the market to innovate and deliver sustainable products or services. Our suppliers play a very important role in achieving our objectives. We expect our current and future partners to follow the latest compliance requirements and adhere to similar values we work with, such as encouraging diversity in the workforce and investing in environment-friendly technology.

We acknowledge that our parent company participates in the UN Global Compact, and we support the Ten Principles and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as broader UN goals. We consolidate our support for this initiative fully under our parent’s commitment. Therefore, we do not participate in UN Global Compact activities nor do we participate in activities of a Global Compact Local Network.