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With almost 60 years of experience in the industry, we can confidently call ourselves specialists in powered access. Based on our own expertise, as well as challenges our customers shared with us, we have developed a number of digital features to facilitate your project planning, project management and communications. All of which can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

BIM: Look ahead and boost your efficiency

Much more than a software program, BIM is a collaborative work method that makes it possible to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructures more efficiently, while anticipating project-related contingencies. Riwal provides a free online library of 3D models of our materials.

By connecting our online system with machine data to your logistical platform, we facilitate easy renting and off-renting through your own system. Additionally, it allows you to easily track equipment flows for each project. Simplifying the ordering process helps you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Augmented Reality: Make informed decisions

To help you make the most of your project, Riwal offers an augmented reality feature through the My Riwal app. Augmented reality provides a real-life view of our aerial work platforms and other equipment at your worksite. Using augmented reality will help you make informed decisions and improve project planning and execution.

Trackunit: Precise usage data & fleet management

Our equipment is fitted with a telematic device that allows the machine to be geolocated, and provides information on machine use and load, in the case of electric machines, in real time.

Do you want to know how Track Unit can support your business? Contact us today to find out.

QR Code: Machine documentation at hand

Placed at the control station, simply scan it with your smartphone to consult all the equipment’s technical documentation: technical data sheet, VGP, CE certificate. Our QR codes are there to help you, just scan them!

Making the right choice of machine is crucial, and augmented reality will help you to do just that. Still in doubt? Riwal’s expert teams are always available to advise you and meet your needs.

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