What we stand for

“Doing business with us means that you can count on the beliefs we wholeheartedly embrace”.

Keeping promises

Our extensive knowledge and experience makes us your go-to supplier and knowledge partner in powered access equipment. We know exactly what we are talking about and we are passionate about supporting our customers: we simply deliver on what we promise you. Every single time.

Finding solutions

We are known for our impressive worldwide fleet of renowned brands, but there is more. Our industry experts love to share their knowledge about safety, sustainability and efficiency. And to help you you get better.

Our mission

“Achieve Profitable and Sustainable Growth through our Dynamic Fleet Approach and Engaged Team to provide the Best Customer Experience.”

We strive to achieve the highest levels of safety, productivity, and service through our staff. Based on our mission we aim to deliver the best customer experience in every aspect of our business.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for jobs done at height!

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Our values

As a company, we believe in a core set of values that define our character and guide our behaviours – with our customers and in society at large. They are the values that make us good corporate citizens and reliable partners.

Keeping it simple

With Riwal as a partner, you can take it easy. We like to keep things simple: personal contact, digital ordering, checking equipment availability online, tracking your machines through our customer app and off-hiring rental equipment with one simple click when the job is done. 

Creating value

There is no rocket science to delivering a machine. How we stand out from the rest is by creating value: it is our expertise that makes a world of difference. The value of personal contact, a new angle to look at your challenge, a solution you might not have considered… Riwal will show you what an expert eye can do. 

Improving every day

It is not enough to be great: we want to be the best in every aspect. Our fleet, our customer service, our tools… In every part of our company and every aspect of our day-to-day business, we strive for continuous improvement. By developing smart solutions, we help our customers to improve their business and we stimulate the market to innovate even further.