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Accessories for working at height


Riwal UK supplies a range of accessories connected with working at height, including anti-entrapment equipment. Being crushed against overhead obstructions is one of the biggest hazards and to prevent it Riwal UK can provide the JLG SkyGuard and Sanctuary Zone attachments.

SkyGuard provides operators with enhanced control panel protection that doesn’t limit platform workspace or visibility. When the sensor is activated, SkyGuard stops all functions in use at the time of activation. Its unique reverse functionality – the first feature of its kind in the market - temporarily reverses most functions for a short period. Sanctuary Zone is a steel structure that projects above the machine platform to protect the operator from crushing. It works on all major manufacturers’ machines and is fully adjustable.

Riwal UK can also supply floor protection such as nappies and wheel covers, plus safety harnesses, lanyards, filtration systems, generators, and inverters. For more information and advice on the working at height accessories we supply, contact the Hiredesk on 0844 335 2993.