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Nifty lift cherry picker

With a  cherry picker reaching any height is easy and comfortable. Though this type of aerial work platform is typically used in building construction, you’ll also find cherry pickers in, for example, warehouses, to perform maintenance or repair tasks at elevated heights. With its railed platform attached to a hydraulic crane, a cherry picker is the ideal equipment for raising and lowering people.   With a Nifty lift cherry picker you are sure to be working with premium quality equipment, that will make any task at height feel like a walk in the park. At Riwal you can find your Nifty lift for sale, used or brand new. Or find in Riwal your Nifty lift hire partner, and choose your cherry picker form our extensive rental fleet.

What type of Nifty lift cherry picker?

Cherry pickers are usually used in building construction and the remodeling of existing constructions, but can also be found on job sites indoors, for example during maintenance and repair of lights or heating units. What type of Nifty lift cherry picker you need, depends on your line of work and the requirements you need it to meet. For example, when you need to reach extreme heights, our Nifty lift 170 trailer mount might be the right choice for you. With one of the largest working envelopes in its class this lift delivers maximum reach while still providing stability and control. With its octagonal boom sections and telescopic upper boom you’ll get all the strength you need, with maximum accuracy while positioning the platform. Need two men for the job at height? The Nifty lift cherry picker NF HR21 Hybrid AWD is a two person work platform which gets them up to 20.70m working height and provides 12.60m of working outreach from a compact and maneuverable chassis. Lighter than its competition, this Nifty lift cherry picker is easy to handle, and offers you a substantial reduction in transportation and running costs. Whatever job you need done, we’ll have the right Nifty lift cherry picker in store for you. Our experienced team members are more than happy to help you make the right decision.

Nifty lift hire

In search of a cherry picker to rent? Riwal is your partner in Nifty lift hire. Our extensive rental fleet offers you the broadest choice in aerial work platforms and other types of lifting equipment. Our experienced rental team will gladly inform you about all the possibilities our different types of Nifty lift cherry picker have to offer. Rent your truck mounted lift, scissor lift, crawler lift or other aerial work platform easily, safely and quickly from Riwal.

Nifty lift for sale

At Riwal, you can also find your very own Nifty lift (for sale). We offer you a wide range of different Niftylift cherry pickers and lifting equipment manufactured by different premium quality brands. Purchase your truck-mounted lift, vertical lift, articulated boom lift, crawler lift, spider lift, scissor lift or telescopic boom lift at Riwal, and enjoy our premium service. Whichever aerial work platform you are looking for, at Riwal you buy it under the best conditions. Before we give you tailored advice, we’ll have a close look at your wishes and requirements. We’ll make sure that you make an informed decision. In addition to aerial work platforms, we also have practical trailers for sale to transport the aerial platform. All machines can be fully adapted to your requirements. A number of options are: adjusting the colors, adding soot filters or applying lighting to the work platform. We also have a broad range of Nifty lift parts for sale. Contact us for more information, we are more than happy to help.

Find your Nifty lift cherry picker at Riwal

Not sure whether to buy or rent, or unsure of whether a particular type of Nifty lift cherry picker is the right one for your line of work or project? Our experts are more than happy to provide you with tailored advice, so you can make an informed decision. Contact us for more information, Riwal is here to help and always has the right cherry picker for you, whether you decide on Nifty lift hire or searching for your Nifty lift for sale!