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JLG articulating boom lift

In need of a piece of machinery that will help you pick your orders from different heights, or get your materials from one place to another with the greatest of ease? In that case, a telehandler is what your company or project has been missing. With a JLG telehandler your working with premium quality equipment. Offering maximal productivity and reliability at all times a JLG telehandler will enhance performance in every environment, even heavy-duty job sites. In Riwal you’ll find your JLG rental partner as well as your JLG supplier. Top notch service and a broad range of different JLG telehandlers in stock.

A JLG telehandler for enhanced productivity

Working with a JLG telehandler, your operating premium-quality equipment, and you will notice. Offering you the highest of comfort and easy to move machinery, JLG will make any job feel like a walk in the park. When a work site requires materials to be lifted, for example when roofing or siding, a JLG telehandler will make sure that everything ends up where it needs to be, without being damaged.

Telehandler or forklift?

A telehandler, in itself, is designed to lift and move heavy loads, for use in, but not limited to, the agricultural business or for industrial and infrastructure construction purposes. They are subdivided in telehandlers with a rotating superstructure and telehandlers with a fixed telescopic arm. Though it shows a slight resemblance to the forklift, a telehandler is far more powerful, making it perfect to use on rough terrain. Furthermore, the telescopic arm of a telehandler easily exceeds that of the average forklift. And a JLG telehandler? Well, that exceeds every aspect a normal telehandler has to offer.

JLG rental

When you just need a telehandler for a project, or not planning on using the equipment that often, renting your JLG telehandler is the right solution. In Riwal you’ll find the perfect JLG rental partner. Being an international operating leading rental company in solutions for working at various heights we always know what is the right JLG telehandler for your business, industry or project is. With our focus on safety and efficiency, we are more than happy to inform you about the different specifications our machinery has to offer, as well provide you with the right training and certification. Contact our expert rental team and let us advise you about the possibilities.

JLG telehandler for sale

Expecting to use your JLG telehandler on a daily basis? Riwal is your JLG supplier, offering you a broad range of different JLG telehandlers for a great variety of industries and projects. We understand that this might be a big investment. Therefore, our JLG experts will gladly inform you about our different types of JLG equipment, to make sure that you make an informed decision.

Find your JLG telehandler at Riwal

As we’ve already noted, Riwal is your expert JLG rental supplier and your reliable JLG supplier. Contact us for more information, we are more than happy to inform you about the right JLG telehandler for your industry or project.