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JLG spider lift

JLG articulating boom lift

A spider lift is the ideal aerial work platform to perform tasks at great height in limited spaces. With its four legs a spider lift provides extra stability at every construction site. The light weight that characterizes this type of aerial platform makes the spider lift ideal for working in spaces that are easily damaged, for example when performing maintenance tasks indoors. When you’re interested in purchasing or renting a spider lift, a JLG spider lift is always the right choice. As the leading designer and manufacturer of height solutions JLG always manages to produce premium, high-quality lift equipment. With Riwal you can choose from a wide range of different JLG spider lifts. Our specialists will gladly inform you about the different specifications.

JLG spider lift: the best choice

A spider lift is an ideal solution when working on great heights indoors, but can also be used on construction sites outdoors, in any weather condition. The lift is especially designed to access areas that more traditional cherry pickers can’t reach, and is often used instead of traditional and expensive scaffolding systems. Its light weight, flexibility, versatility and movability guarantees workers access to any small or narrow spot, effortlessly. Working with a JLG spider lift ensures you premium quality on top of the benefits a regular spider lift already has to offer. A JLG spider lift is low in weight and can be deployed in virtually any location thanks to its caterpillar tracks. Riwal offers you a wide range of JLG spider lifts and can therefore provide companies in various industries with exactly the right lift.

The right JLG spider lift for your company

In search of a JLG spider lift you’ll come across many types. But which JLG spider lift is the right one for your activities? That depends on the lifting capacity, reach and working height you need. Our specialists will help you find the right spider lift for your project or job, whatever industry you're in. Riwal has many years of experience in supplying spider lifts to a great variety of companies, and our team members would be delighted to talk to you about our extensive range. They would also be happy to visit you on site and provide customized advice.

Are you buying or renting?

With Riwal, you can purchase as well as rent your JLG spider lift. Whether you decide on the one or the other, we will provide you the best advice, as well as excellent service. When your job requires the use of a spider lift on a regular basis, purchasing is the right choice for you. When it’s just needed for one project or you only use a spider lift two or three times a year, it’s obviously a better idea to rent. As your JLG lift rental partner we will help you to make an informed decision.

Riwal offers you the right JLG spider lift

You will find the right JLG spider lift for your job or activities at Riwal. As your supplier we will make sure you make an informed decision: whether to buy or rent, and the type of JLG spider lift. On top of that, you can count on excellent service, after purchasing or renting your lift at Riwal. As the company where you buy your JLG spider lift, but on exactly the same level when Riwal is your JLG rental partner.