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JLG scissor lift

JLG articulating boom lift

Working at extreme heights can be a dangerous adventure. Especially when you’re not using the right lifting equipment to bring people and material up in the air. With a JLG scissor lift, worrying about safety is a thing of the past. As the lead designer and manufacturer of lifting equipment, JLG produces premium-quality scissor lifts that combine safety with convenience. You’ll find your JLG scissor lift at Riwal, your JLG rental partner and supplier of JLG machinery. Whether you’re looking into investing in your own JLG scissor lift or planning to rent one of these machines for a one-time project: Riwal offers you the broadest choice and the best service.

The right JLG forklift for your line of work

Whatever the job, you’ll find the right JLG forklift for it at Riwal. Our wide range of JLG lifts give you enough options to choose from. What they have in common, is their ability to get the job done, whatever surface you’re working on, and the whatever height you need to reach. Our team of specialists has been supplying businesses with forklifts and other types of machinery for many years, and will know exactly which type of forklift is most suitable for your company or project.

JLG lifts for sale

When you and/or your employees are required to transport materials from one place to another on a regular basis, purchasing your own forklift is the best idea. At Riwal you can choose to buy a brand new JLG forklift, but you can also decide to take your pick out of our large collection of used forklifts. Whatever you decide to do, our experienced sales team will gladly inform you about our different forklifts and their specifications.

JLG lift rental

Don’t need a forklift daily, or just need a JLG forklift for your onetime project? Then our JLG lift rental team will gladly advise you about the possibilities of renting your forklift for a short or extended period of time. Thanks to the wide range of our forklift rental fleet, you are guaranteed to find a suitable JLG forklift for your job or project. By renting a forklift from Riwal, you are choosing first-class operating equipment, without having to take on the cost of purchase and maintenance. On top of that, Riwal is a market leader in telehandlers, aerial work platforms and forklift rental, so we are very much qualified to, and gladly will, advice you towards making an informed decision.

Training and certification

Especially when working with forklifts that are equipped to carry extensive loads, it might be a necessity to carry the right certification. In addition to quality, safety is also of paramount importance to Riwal, Therefore, we offer training courses to make sure that anyone working with our forklifts or other type of machinery, has the right knowledge to do this safely and with the right amount of knowledge. At our Riwal Training Centre we offer various training courses that ensure us that our customers are able to drive and operate the machines they rent from Riwal in the safest conditions possible. We offer you the opportunity to obtain your BMWT forklift certificate in just one day. With BMWT being an important industry organization for importers and manufacturers, this certificate demonstrates that you comply with the statutory legal requirements in terms of competence.

Purchase or rent your JLG forklift at Riwal

Contact our specialists to gather more information about purchasing or renting your JLG forklift at Riwal. Our team will gladly advice you, to make sure that you make the right decision. Join our growing list of satisfies customers worldwide by choosing your JLG forklift at Riwal.