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JLG crawler lift

JLG articulating boom lift

Working on a construction site that exists predominantly of unpaved surfaces has its difficulties. Especially when you or your employees are regularly required to work at height. In this case, investing in a crawler lift might be a necessity. This type of aerial platform will ensure you and your workers guaranteed access to all the places you need to reach. As high as they may be, you’ll get there, especially with a high-quality JLG crawler lift. As the leading manufacturer of lift equipment JLG produces crawler lifts that are compact, environmentally friendly and will effortlessly move around any job site. At Riwal you can purchase a brand new or used JLG crawler lift. JLG lift rental is also an option. Our experienced team is glad to inform you about the possibilities, to make sure you make the right decision.

The benefits of using a JLG crawler lift

Due to the low weight and rubber tracks on the JLG crawler lift you can go more places around the job site than ever before. With its ability to move easily over unpaved surfaces a JLG crawler lift is the best option when working at difficult to access construction sites, for example when building on loose sand, mud or a site that exists of large variations in height. This makes the JLG crawler lift the ideal solution for companies working in horticulture or greenhouse construction. The lifts Riwal has to offer vary in working height and dimensions and are therefore suitable for many applications.

The right JLG crawler lift for your company

At Riwal you find a wide range of different JLG crawler lifts, which ensures you that you will find the right lift for your workplace. The question is: are you interested in buying a lift, and if so, do you prefer a brand-new lift or a used one? When you’re not interested in investing in your own lift, but you do need one to perform the tasks needed on your job site, you can also decide to rent a JLG crawler lift. Whether you decide to buy or rent, we understand that you want to make the right decision right away. As your dealer in lift solutions or JLG rental partner we are happy to help. We will gladly inform you about the different possibilities our wide range of JLG crawler lifts has to offer, so you can make an informed decision.

Purchasing a JLG crawler lift

When your job requires you to work on unpaved surfaces regularly, it’s advisable to buy your JLG crawler lift, instead of renting one. At Riwal you can choose between a wide range of new crawler lifts. The obvious advantage of purchasing one of these never been used lifts is exactly that: that it has never been used. This will guarantee you a long lifespan. But we can also guarantee you that our high-quality, used crawler lifts will get the job done. At Riwal you get to choose between two different types of crawler lifts: the JLG crawler scissor lift and the telescopic boom lift. Both crawler lifts are suited for any outdoor activity in all weather conditions. Which type of crawler lift is most suitable for your workplace is mainly based on the material you want to transport, and the quantity of this material. Considering these aspects you can make informed decisions about the work platform and lifting capacity you need on your JLG crawler lift. Of course, you can always turn to the specialists at Riwal to help you decide.

Riwal for your JLG crawler lift

Whether you decide to rent or buy a crawler lift, JLG is always the right decision. As the leading manufacturer of access equipment, you can count on them to produce premium, high-quality height solutions that surpass any competition. In combination with the expertise of your JLG lift rental partners at Riwal, we can ensure you that you will end up with the right JLG crawler lift for your construction activities.