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Genie vertical lift

Genie telescopic boom lift

When working overhead and having to reach small or tight spaces is a day to day basic in your line of work, you need vertical lift solutions that grant you full access to otherwise hard to reach corners or corridors. With a Genie vertical lift you’ll find that you’ll never have to worry about reaching these previously hard to access work areas. Not only are these lifts designed to offer convenience at any height, they do so at a low cost. On top of that, their lightweight construction makes them easy to use, maneuver and transport. At Riwal you’ll find a broad range of Genie vertical lifts, offering you an economical solution for your access needs. With us, you will find your Genie lift for sale, or to rent.

The right type of Genie vertical lift

Vertical lifts are the solution for those who need to work safely at different heights. They’re often used for maintenance or repair work, like repairing light fixtures mounted in ceilings or wiring at elevated heights. With a Genie vertical lift you’ll find that reaching these normally not so easy to access places will form a challenge no more. The broad range in different types of Genie vertical lifts offers you the chance to choose the exact right type of vertical lift. Whether you decide to purchase or rent your Genie vertical lift, our team of specialists will gladly guide you toward making an informed decision.

Purchasing a Genie vertical lift

When you are planning on using your Genie vertical lift on a daily basis, investing in your very own lift is the best idea. You’ll find that this investment will pay for itself in a short amount of time. The convenience a vertical lift solution has to offer will make tasks much easier to finish, increasing productivity. With Riwal, you can decide on a brand-new Genie vertical lift or choose one of our premium used ones, that in no way have lost on quality or safety. Our sales team will be happy to inform you about all the different types of vertical lifts, and what they have to offer you. We understand that purchasing machinery like this is a big investment, and are committed to making sure you end up with the right vertical lift for your business or project.

Genie lift rental

When a vertical lift is only needed for a set period of time, or just a couple of times a year, it might be a better idea to rent your lift. As your Genie lift rental partner Riwal has a broad range of different lift solutions, which guarantees you that we have the right vertical lift for you to rent. Is a push-around vertical lift sufficient, or does your company need a drivable vertical lift that is easily transported from one place to another? Which height do you need to reach? Our rental team will happily discuss these points with you to determine which Genie vertical lift is the best one for your industry or project.

Your Genie vertical lift within reach with Riwal

When you purchase or rent your Genie vertical lift at Riwal, you’ll enjoy high quality service, even when you’re already working with your lift. At our Riwal Training Centre we can provide you with the necessary certification and we are always ready to offer the right solution when problems occur. Contact us for more information about the different possibilities. Whether you purchase your Genie vertical lift from Riwal, or find your Genie lift rental partner in us, we are there for you, every step of the way.