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Genie forklift

Genie forklift

As your international specialist in working at any height, Riwal offers you a broad range of high-quality forklifts for daily use. Specifically looking for a Genie forklift? Find the ideal forklift for your job site, project, maintenance job, industry or business in our broad Genie lift rental fleet or find your very own brand-new or used Genie lift for sale at Riwal. Our years of experience will guarantee you top notch service, whether you decide to buy or rent.

All-round utility with a Genie forklift

A forklift is a compact solution for moving materials over short distances. At Riwal you will find the right lift for you, accommodating your specific needs and in the right price range. With a Genie forklift you are guaranteed excellent stability and maneuverability. Regardless of the terrain, and even when handling longer or voluminous loads. Genie forklifts provide all-round utility and will answer virtually all your work site needs. These premium lifts will get the job done, whatever this job is. With Riwal, you can decide to rent your forklift, choosing from our broad range in Genie lift rental solutions, or find your Genie lift for sale, brand-new or used.

Genie lift rental

With our extended Genie lift rental fleet you are guaranteed to find the right Genie forklift to rent. An ideal solution, when you don’t need a forklift on a daily basis, or only need your Genie forklift for a onetime project. Our expert team will gladly advise you about our different types of forklifts. Our only objective is to make sure that you rent the right forklift for your job. At Riwal, you’re therefore choosing first-class equipment, without having to deal with the cost of purchase and maintenance. That could be the reason why Riwal is your market leader in telehandlers, aerial work platforms and forklift rental. Therefore we are very much qualified to, and gladly will, inform you about the right Genie forklift for your project or company.

Genie lift for sale

Is transporting materials a daily activity in your line of work? Investing in a Genie forklift might be good idea. At Riwal, you’ll find a broad range in new and used forklifts. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t find one that accommodates all your needs. Let our experts advice you, so you can make an informed decision. We understand that investing in machinery is a decision not to take lightly. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you end up with the right Genie forklift for you. But our service doesn’t stop there. With Riwal, you are guaranteed advice and help at any time, even long after you actually purchased your Genie lift.

Operating your Genie forklift

In need of a forklift that is equipped to carry extensive loads? In some cases, it is necessary to carry the right certification, when you are using one of these premium lifts. With safety being of paramount importance for Riwal, we are happy to inform you about the right certificates and can even facilitate obtaining them. At our Training Centre we offer courses that will guarantee you that you, or whomever will be working with the forklift, are able to drive and operate this specific type of machinery, in the safest way possible. For example, one of our courses is designed to obtain your BMWT forklift certificate in just one day. With BMWT being one of the most important industry organizations for importers and manufacturers, this certificate demonstrates that

Find your Genie forklift at Riwal

With Riwal, you are guaranteed premium quality and top notch service in the process of renting or buying your Genie forklift. Contact our specialists to gather more information about our different options regarding our Genie lift rental or new and used types when you are looking for a Genie lift for sale. We will gladly advice you to make sure that you make the right decision!