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  • Is fuel included in the hire price of powered access?
    A full tank of fuel is charged up front, any unused fuel will be credited on return.
  • What do I need to charge my electric access platform?
    The majority of our electric platforms require a 110v 16amp outlet, (standard on UK construction sites and industrial applications), however, some of our larger electric machines require a 110v 32amp outlet. In exceptional specific circumstances, which would be subject to a risk assessment, we can supply machines to charge on a domestic 240v outlet. Please clarify your power supply at the point of order.
  • What do I do if my cherry picker or scissor lift breaks down?
    Get in touch with our dedicated technical help desk on 0808 1685 444. If we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we have a team of factory-trained Mobile Service Technicians strategically placed across the UK, should a visit to the site be required.
  • I’m concerned about my carbon footprint. Can you help?
    At Riwal we have an extensive range of electric machines available to hire which produce zero emissions. We also have the worlds largest 100% electric cherry pickers with working heights up to 43m. Read more about our electric solutions.


  • Do I need training to operate a cherry picker or scissor lift?
    It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the operative is competent using the equipment, this does not necessarily mean an IPAF license.  Possessing an IPAF card is not a legal requirement, however, IPAF training is recommended to ensure you are properly trained.
  • Does Riwal provide training for working at heights?
    Working at heights training can be completed via our safety training division ALS Safety. They are IPAF and PASMA accredited and will ensure you have the correct certifications to operate at heights. Visit their website to book online.
  • Do I need to check wind speeds before operating a powered access platform?
    Yes, wind speed affects the stability of both scissor lifts and cherry pickers and all machines will have a maximum wind speed which they can operate in. The maximum wind speed will be marked on the machine as well as listed in the operating manual and can be checked using an anemometer.
  • What are safe working loads for powered access platforms?
    All powered access platforms have a safe working load set by the manufacturer, this refers to the maximum weight the machine can lift without becoming unstable. The weight of operatives, protective clothing, tools and materials must be within the safe working load at all times.
  • Do I need a harness to operate a cherry picker?
    This varies according to which type of machine, you are operating. Riwal's advice is: Always wear a short, adjustable safety harness when operating a telescopic boom lift. When operating a scissor lift you are not obligated to wear a safety harness. However, this may differ according to the type of work, you are doing, the customer's own regulations and the regulations of the location. Therefore always make sure to check with your surroundings and find out if you should wear a harness or not.
  • Do I have to do a machine check-up on my cherry picker or scissor lift before I use it?
    Yes, a machine Pre-Use Check is required every time the machine is to be used. If you detect any damage or technical malfunction on your cherry picker or scissor lift contact our technical helpdesk right away.