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Boost Efficiency With BIM

BIM (building information modeling) is the process of developing BIM files, which are digital 3D models of physical objects such as buildings, machines, furniture, landscaping, and more. Using BIM allows construction professionals to plan and manage projects with greater efficiency, and anticipate problems before they occur. Riwal now offers a free, online library of BIM machine models from our fleet.

Riwal BIM Machine models

Benefits of using Riwal machine BIM files include:

  • Choosing the most suitable machine for the job.
  • Effectively planning out where machines are needed onsite.
  • Having an overview of your work site to anticipate challenges in using aerial work platforms.
  • Having a permanent record of machines used.
  • Easier future maintenance as building entrances can be changed to accomodate AWPs.
  • Increased efficiency across large scale projects
  • Access to in-house Riwal consultants who work with you to choose the best machine for the job and implement Riwal machine BIM models into a larger project BIM file.

BIM gives you more control over a project, lowering the failure risk by allowing you to identify work site problems and solve them before construction begins. Contact us today to see how BIM can boost your productivity and efficiency.