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serving the airline industry

serving the airline industry

Riwal works closely with the aerospace industry, providing aerial work platforms for numerous applications, including the painting and maintenance of aircraft and the general maintenance of airport infrastructure. 
Our commitment to providing a first class service and solutions to all working at height needs means we are the ideal partner for airports and airlines looking for safe, cost-effective and reliable aerial work platforms. 

Specialised modifications

A few examples of our innovative solutions:
  • 26-metre and 28-metre electric booms to inspect and maintain the tail wings quickly, safely, and without noise or pollution;
  • A battery change system that allows 24/7 operation of electric scissor lifts, so there’s no downtime required while batteries are charged;
  • On many of our machines, we install rubber bumpers and warning sensors around the baskets to provide an extra margin of safety and further reduce the risk of damage to the aircraft.

Working together

With close to a half a century of experience working at height, we have the insight to know what solutions will work for our customers, and we’re happy to think creatively with them as partners to overcome any problems they may encounter.