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be the best

The Riwal Way

Riwal UK’s strategy is simple. Be the best at what we do.

We want to deliver you the right aerial work platform for working at height or safety training course when you need it, on time and with everything arranged so that you can get on with the job at hand efficiently and effectively.

Of course, we also want to make sure you have the right aerial work platform. That’s why our experts can help you find the working at height equipment that is best suited to the task. Plus we want you and your staff to be 100% safe while working at height. To ensure this we can advise on what training you need and then provide it for you. Ultimately we’re a one-stop shop for anything to do with working safely at height.

As a company we also constantly assess what we are doing. How can we better? How can we improve our performance for our customers? How can we further develop the talents of our staff? How can we reduce the impact of our business on the environment? This strategy of single-minded self-improvement always keeps us focused on the little details that when put together make the big differences. Safety, responsibility, integrity, engagement and teamwork are the core principles of our business. We call this The Riwal Way.

The Riwal Way

We believe in creating standardised systems than can be repeated in every aspect of our business, so that customers receive the same quality product and service with each transaction, whichever part of Riwal they are working with. To develop The Riwal Way we asked customers in many different countries and in a variety of activities what they valued most in us and what was the most important element for them when dealing with us. We were able to file their comments into six ‘value criteria’, ranging from safety (the number one priority of all) to the accuracy of billing. 

The advantages to our customers are visible in their increased productivity and increased ability to meet deadlines and reduce costs. They can rely on our equipment and call us if they need support. From an administrative point of view our customers know they can conclude their transactions seamlessly. We are not satisfied yet. Continuous improvement is essential because we know that whatever we do, we can always do more for our customers and because we know the competition does not remain inactive. We continue to work closely with our customers to find out what we can do better and what they need else. 



We provide our customers with the highest level of safety with each rental or sale. Our approach to safety is pro-active: whenever and wherever we see a possibility to improve safety or to eliminate potentially unsafe conduct, we act pro-actively to create the safest possible environment for our staff and our customers. We assume responsibility for all activities that are part and parcel of our work. Our aim is not only to get our work done but to do it properly in order to provide the best possible customer experience. Our customers and colleagues can rely on our integrity. We make all our decisions honestly and candidly.

We are experts in what we do and we work energetically and enthusiastically to ensure we deliver, meet and hopefully exceed our customers’ expectations. Riwal believes in teamwork, not only internally, but also with our customers. Together we look for the best solutions, possibilities and results.


If you need help and advice, then simply call our hiredesk on 0844 335 2993 for friendly and knowledgeable information.