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Our Environmental Initiatives

Riwal is raising its game when it comes to sustainability. The company has aligned its sustainability objectives with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company has set global targets alongside these SDGs, which are implemented across all 16 countries where Riwal has operations.

Where possible we try to work in the same way across the Group. However, every country has its own methods and priorities when it comes to contributing to these objectives.

Our Environmental Initiatives

As a contribution to our 2030 goal of "Increasing water-use efficiency", we are investing in water recycling units.

  • In the UAE, we set up a recycling unit that helps us filter the wastewater and convert it beack to reusable water. We have thus been able to reduce the watewater disposal from 20m3 per month to 20m3 of waste per quarter. Check Our Sustainable Initiatives | Sustainability | Manlift for further details.
  • In our largest depot in Denmark, we set up the BioClassic System, which is a biological watewater treatment system. This helped us improve our water management to such a degree that we now use only 140m3 of water to wash the 6,500 machines we own. This amount is equivalent to the water consumption of an average Danish household.

As a contribution to our 2030 goal of "Increasing our fleet's resource efficiency", we are using cleaner, more sustainable fuel resources.

  • In The Netherlands, Riwal collaborated with Shell to switch to a cleaner fuel resource: GTL (gas to liquids) fuel, which is made from natural gas that burns cleaner than conventional diesel. This initiative, which became a standard practive since October 2018, also includes outside refueling.
  • Biofuel in Sweden contributes to the desire for more sustainable cities.

As a contribution to our 2030 goal of "Increasing energy efficiency in our buildings", we are shifting energy saving and renewable energy solutions.

  • Many of our offices, depots and workshops have made the switch to LED lighting. This type of lighting uses around 90% less power than a traditional light bulb and has a longer lifespan, making it a better and more sustainable solution.
  • In 2019 Riwal opened a new depot in the UK that has an array of energy and resource saving features, including a roof-top solar array for pre-heating hot water and superior insulation to minimise energy loss. Check Riwal officially opens new "most advanced"depot for further details on the operning day. 
  • Article on Zwolle, Dordrecht new depot and how they are sustainable.