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Our Social Initiatives

Maintaining high standards in regards to corporate social responsibility is of the utmost importance to Riwal. That is why Riwal has always demonstrated a very firm commitment when it comes to society and the local community. We find it important, as good corporate citizens, to engage in positive ways and strengthen local connections through sports, philanthropy and culture.


Riwal strives to make a positive impact societally through several initiatives.

Pink Ribbon

Starting May 2019, Riwal rents out two "Pink ladies" (Aerial Work Platforms) to help raise awareness and money for Pink Ribbon, an NGO that funds breast cancer research in the Netherlands.

1 in 7 women in the Netherlands are diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2018, there were 17.300 diagnoses. Although the survival chances are high, there are more than 3.000 women who die of breast cancer every year. Riwal thus finds it important to contribute to research that is trying to fight this disease. The health and safety of our employees and communities is crucial to use.

With Pink Ribbon, Riwal has found an excellent partner that can, thorugh projects and research in the field of breast cancer treatment and aftercare, help breast cancer patients have a better and longer life.

Our "Pink ladies"are a JLG 600AJ and a JLG 530LRT, painted in pink and that have working heights of 20 and 18 meters respectively. Customers who rent out one of these 2 machines, will pay 10 euro extra per day and Riwal will be donating that amount to Pink Ribbon. We do not stop at just that, we will also organize other activities to raise money for Pink Ribbon.

Riwal Readynez

Riwal Readynez, our Danish cycling team, welcomed ten new riders from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Faroe Islands in 2019. The team also became a member of MPCC (The Mouvement Pour Un Cyclisme Crédible). The MPCC was created to defend the idea of a clean cycling sport, particularly according to the code of ethics established by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). 

Members of the MPCC apply, on a voluntary basis, much stricter rules than the international regulations (WADA) - this includes prohibitions on the use of certain steroids and drugs in competitions. 

We at Riwal consider it is our duty to support and aid in ethical sportsmanship.