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World class stadium gets world class working at height solution

Fast, agile, powerful – the attributes of a Premier League footballer, and the UK’s tallest self-propelled boom lift working at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium.

Riwal UK has supplied on of its JLG 1850SJ ultra booms to assist façade installation contractors in carrying out post-works inspections around the White Hart Lane Stadium in North London.

Our customer made use of the full range of capabilities of the record-breaking boom lift, including its maximum working height of 58.56m, to carry out the structural inspections.

Riwal UK National Commercial Manager Lee Rigby said: “Being able to work safely, cost-effectively, and sustainably at height to carry out asset condition surveys is vital for post-construction hand-over and ongoing maintenance of sports stadia.

“It’s why Riwal UK has the widest range of super boom hire and ultra boom hire options in Europe. Our customers can select precisely the right type and quantity of platforms to work on sports stadia whatever their design.

“Tasks like structural inspections can then be carried out without disrupting the many activities, including major entertainment events, retail, business conferencing and community activities, that are vital to a stadium’s commercial success.”

The JLG 1850SJ telescopic boom lift delivers key advantages over other solutions for carrying out the high-level inspections at stadia like White Hart Lane.

The access platform can be repositioned quickly and driven by the operator while at full extension. It is compact, so can be operated in very confined spaces. The JLG 1850SJ is also powered by a highly efficient and reliable low-noise, low-emission diesel engine.

The boom lift’s basket has an impressive capacity of 454kg, which can be precisely positioned thanks to a telescoping articulating jib, which pictures taken at White Hart Lane demonstrated was being put to effective use.

Working with key manufacturers, Riwal is also a pioneer in offering electric-powered super booms. In 2018, the company sold the world’s first all-electric 43m boom lift, a JLG 1350SPJ converted from diesel.

Similar all-electric super booms are being added to the Riwal access platform rental fleet to meet growing demand for working at height solutions with lower carbon footprints, and for working inside large structures, including sports and entertainment stadia.