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Virtual Reality: Riwal’s innovative operator training solution

Riwal VR Training

Riwal UK customers can now hire virtual reality simulators to significantly enhance the impact and effectiveness of working at height training programmes.

Virtual reality (VR) simulation is an exciting new development in working at height training that offers a range of advantages, especially for companies that want to train multiple operators who need skills across a range of machines and workplace scenarios.

Darren Verschuren, Managing Director of ALS Safety, Riwal UK’s training division, says: “We are offering customers the opportunity to become among the first companies in the UK to make use of this powerful new training tool.

“VR simulators come equipped with a working basket for operators to stand in, and a control panel with joysticks and switches that mimic those on real machines.

“When fitted with VR goggles, operators feel as though they are training at actual worksites from the safety of the VR simulator. It gives working at height training a wow factor that really engages trainee operatives and makes them want to learn.

“Companies are already using VR simulators to train operators to work in technically difficult access environments, including nuclear power stations, aircraft hangers and wind turbines. There are many more applications yet to be developed.”

VR simulators are being used to help design the safest method for completing projects without putting operators and equipment at risk.

They include scenarios for a variety of high-risk environments and different machine types. Operators who train in realistic VR scenarios are more prepared to tackle real life situations.

VR solutions can increase safety while reducing cost

Operator training is essential to minimise the risk of injuries, time loss, damage to infrastructure, and damage to equipment while working at height. VR simulator training provides solutions to these concerns by:

  • Increasing safety by training in a controlled environment before exposing operators to real-life conditions
  • Increasing operator efficiency and familiarising them with different powered access platforms and environments
  • Saving money by reducing downtime caused by damage, operator injury, or lack of access planning.

VR simulators provide operators with intermittent opportunities to refresh their training between their five-yearly IPAF training. This is particularly useful if an operator has not worked with a machine for some time.

Long-term benefits of VR simulator rental

The benefits of VR simulator training far outweighs the additional cost of becoming an early adopter of innovative skills development technology, says Darren Verschuren.

He adds: “Better trained operators are safer operators. If a project requires operators to work across a range of different machines in a challenging environment, VR simulator training can help improve operator efficiency and reduce set-up time and overall costs.”

For more information about Riwal UK’s VR simulator rental, contact the hire desk on 0844 335 2993. To discuss the full range of operator and safety training available from ALS Safety’s qualified instructors, including IPAF and PASMA training, contact the training division on 0800 7999 257.