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‘Suzie’ scissor lift is first choice for Robert

Suzie scissor lift on hire

Powered access operator Rob Higham was surprised to see a bright pink scissor lift on site when he arrived for work one morning recently, and he made sure to use it.

Rob knew exactly what the pink livery meant. Following his family’s recent experiences with cancer, Rob was familiar with the pink colour associated with breast cancer. He was delighted to see Riwal UK supporting breast cancer research by hiring out a bright pink scissor lift called Suzie.

Rob says: “My family has had a lot of recent history with this terrible disease, unfortunately. My partner overcoming breast cancer being one of them. She has had chemotherapy and is fine now. I hope that Riwal’s campaign helps more people to become more aware of breast cancer research.”

Rob’s father sadly passed away from kidney cancer and his baby son was also diagnosed with the disease.

Suzie Scissor Lift and Betty boom travel the UK

Riwal UK has commissioned two powered access machines to be liveried in pink as part of the company’s year-long #RiseAboveBreastCancer campaign.

The pink Suzie Holland Lift B-195DL25 4WDscissor lift and the Betty JLG 600AJ Boom machines are available for hire as part of Riwal UK’s extensive fleet of powered access machines. The difference – apart from their colour – is that five per cent of the hiring fees from each machine will be donated to breast cancer research charity, Breast Cancer Now.

Both powered access machines are out on hire around the UK and are raising awareness of the fundraising appeal. Customers can make a specific request for Suzie or Betty on the Riwal UK website.

Rob would have no hesitation in using either of the machines again. He says: “Thanks, Riwal. Using this machine has been a pleasure!”