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Sharing expertise across Europe to boost access hire service

Riwal Way European Conference

Employees from Riwal operations in 15 European countries have met to receive training on continuous service improvement and exciting new digital systems that give customers more control over the machines they hire.

The managers are responsible for championing the Riwal Way, an internal process of continuous improvement and standardisation designed to deliver better service to customers.

Riwal Way Champion and UK Operations Manager Steve Skeates said: “We were able to share some great ideas for improving customer service from the experience and perspective of 15 different countries and cultures.

“Everyone has a different approach to doing things. It’s our job to identify the best processes and procedures across the business that support our customers and help them complete their projects on time and within budget.

“This process of standardisation helps us to integrate our systems with those of our customers. The result is that they are able to plan their powered access hire seamlessly, which leads to improved efficiency and productivity.”

The Riwal Ways is designed to ensure all customer interactions with the company are the same throughout the world, whether the customer is operating in the UK or the Middle East.

Riwal UK Country Manager Mick Ledden said: “The Riwal Way informs every decision we make. Our business is driven by the people in it and we all come up with ideas to improve customer service. We want our customers’ experience of working with Riwal to be uniformly positive.”

Riwal Way Champions met in Madrid to share best practice across the business. Riwal Way Champions are employees who are responsible for developing and promoting The Riwal Way in their local depots.

The Riwal Way Champions conference was attended by members of the Executive Management team including Pedro Torres, Riwal's Chief Operating Officer, demonstrating the company's commitment to The Riwal Way.

During the five-day event, training was given in the use of lean management tools, including the 6S management system checklist and a process for achieving continuous improvement through a series of small changes, called Kaizens.

Riwal Way Conference

The training also included an introduction to My Riwal, a new online account management system that allows customers can see real-time details of their hire contracts and a new hire app.

The Riwal Way philosophy revolves around Riwal’s six core values of safety, responsibility, integrity, engagement, teamwork, efficiency and sustainability, with safety always coming first.

The company’s core values encourage all staff to create a personalised approach to customer service, with what they describe as ‘obsessive’ attention to detail.

These factors to combine to ensure that each customer takes delivery of the correct powered access machines for their individual project, at the right time to complete the project on time and within budget.