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Riwal UK uses “brilliant” staff ideas to double depot size

Kent Depot Expansion

Riwal UK is ready to double the size of one of its depots, helped by “brilliant” ideas provided by the depot’s employees.


Led by its philosophy of continuous improvement, known as the Riwal Way, the company has spent a week intensively involving staff in developing the growth plan.

Riwal is now preparing to nearly double the number powered access machines it can potentially hold ready for hire at its depot in Maidstone, Kent.

Riwal UK is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist aerial platforms, including ultra booms, and is part of a global powered access sales and hire business with operations in 17 countries.


Expansion driven by customer demand

Steve Skeates, Project Manager at Riwal UK, said: “Our expansion plans are driven by our analysis of healthy growth in customer demand for our powered access sales and rental services.

“Under the Riwal Way, our view is that our people have some of the best ideas for driving forward our business and making improvements that add value at every stage of customer service.

“That’s why we held this week-long event, bringing together the team at Kent with colleagues from other depots, our business leaders, and lean improvement experts to devise our expansion plan.

“Our people at Kent made a fantastic contribution. Some of their ideas were brilliant, and ones I would never have thought of myself.

“Together, I am confident we’re going to create a World Class operation in Kent that will set a new standard for powered access hire in the UK.”


Working together for best service

A lean improvement expert from the USA, Janice Roberts, and Riwal’s continuous improvement lead, Dudley Tjauw, based in the Netherlands, took part in the week-long expansion planning process.

Riwal UK Country Manager Mick Ledden said: “We use lean principles, like other organisations, to seek ways to remove waste from every stage of service delivery.

“Unlike most other businesses, though, Riwal starts with engaging with service teams. Riwal has a relentless desire to learn from its people. This process is one example of that.”

During the Riwal Way event, teams questioned every aspect of how service was delivered – from the workshop through to the service desk, and sales personnel.


When the expansion plan is implemented an implementation team of personnel will spend several days reconfiguring the depot and its procedures, based on the agreed approach.

A similar process will then be followed for other Riwal depots across the UK in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Steve Skeates said: “We will have all learned from the Kent expansion, so the process for other depots should be smoother.

“But at the heart of it still will be colleagues at Riwal UK sharing ideas and working together to deliver the best customer service.”