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Riwal UK Summer Conference – Building Teams That Care

Riwal UK Summer Conference
Caring for others and building teams for future success were two central themes of the first Riwal UK Summer Conference.

The weekend day-long event, held at Ardencote Manor Hotel in Warwickshire, brought together colleagues from across the UK to review performance, share future plans, and celebrate success.

Riwal UK and its sister company, ALS Safety Ltd, also launched an innovative fundraising campaign on behalf of Breast Cancer Now — Rise Above Breast Cancer — with the unveiling of two access platforms liveried in pink for a year. 

Delivering the best customer experience

Mick Ledden, Riwal UK Country Manager, said: “The summer conference was an amazing event, which everyone said they enjoyed. It was a busy day, but it was also a lot of fun, and everyone left with big smiles on their faces.

“Nearly everyone in Riwal UK were able to attend. In a lot of cases, people who work closely together had a chance to meet for the first time. The opportunity for everyone to be together as one team is invaluable.”

In the morning, after a buffet breakfast, Mick Ledden presented a review of business performance for the first half of 2018, and a look ahead to operational plans for the second half of the year.

There followed a discussion about The Riwal Way and its vital importance to Riwal UK – and about the positive behaviours that will help everyone in the team work together, both for personal fulfilment and to provide the “best customer experience”.

Team Challenge

Pretty in pink for Breast Cancer Now

The team was also given a talk by Sue Stannard, a volunteer advocate from Breast Cancer Now — the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity.

From July 2018 to July 2019, Riwal UK will be raising money and awareness on behalf of the charity. Activities include the hiring out of two pink access platforms, a Holland Lift B-195DL25 4WD scissor lift, given the name Suzie, and a JLG 600AJ Boom, called Betty.

Five percent of all hire fees generated by the two machines during the Rise Above Breast Cancer campaign will be donated to Breast Cancer Now, with four other fundraising events planned over the next 12 months.

Breast Cancer Now is at the forefront of research into the disease in the UK. It has the ambitious vision that anyone with breast cancer in 2050 should live.

Mick Ledden said: “Our staff voted to support Breast Cancer Now and are raring to go in terms of doing all they can to support its work.

“We hope our clients will be just as enthusiastic and will be eager to hire Suzie and Betty from us, so they can work with us to show their support for Breast Cancer Now and the amazing work it does.

“Sue Stannard’s talk was a huge eye-opener for us all, and clearly had a big impact. She told us how a woman dies every 45 minutes in the UK from the disease. Breast Cancer Now believes that, if we all work together, such deaths can be prevented. Everyone at Riwal UK is determined to help make that happen.”

Riwal Team Cake

Building award-winning Riwal teams

In the afternoon, everyone took part in a Team Challenge designed to give colleagues who had not met before the chance to work together in a series of practical, fun activities.

Then, after a late afternoon BBQ, Riwal UK hosted its staff awards, with four awards presented. Steve Hide was named ALS Safety Employee of the Year, Stuart Bevan was named Riwal UK Employee of the Year, Hayley Staniscia was named Riwal UK Ambassador of the Year, and Tony Lindsey was the Riwal UK Rising Star of the Year.

Riwal UK also took the opportunity to hand out water bottles to each employee, an even more important measure to encourage proper hydration given the very dry and hot weather in the UK, and to celebrate success with a special cake, made in the shape of a boom lift.

Mick Ledden said: “In the days after the Riwal UK Summer Conference, everyone was still buzzing. It has been a great opportunity to meet colleagues, make new friends, and align our efforts to have successful second half of 2018 and support Breast Cancer Now.”