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Riwal UK develops industry-leading safety smartphone app

MissApp Poster

Riwal UK has introduced a new phone app so staff can instantly report near miss incidents as part of its commitment to continuously improve safety for workers and customers.

The company’s in-house IT department has developed the bespoke app, called MissApp, which has gained interest from SHEQ Coordinators based in Riwal’s 16 other countries.


Riwal Safety, Health and Environment Quality Coordinator Calum Patterson said: “Recording near misses helps us identify any weaknesses in operational procedures that could have serious consequences.

“Industry-led safety research shows that organisations that encourage high levels of near miss reporting tend to reduce the overall number of major and minor incidents they experience.

“That’s because it allows them to investigate and then constructively challenge unsafe behaviours, which contributes to a stronger safety culture.”

A near miss is defined as an unplanned event that has the potential to result in injury to a person, damage to buildings or equipment, environmental damage or interruption to normal operations.

MissApp allows workers to report near misses as they happen. Users can report the event, upload photos of it, provide a potential level of severity & have reassurance that all near misses will be viewed & actioned where applicable via Riwal UK SHEQ Coordinator.

Riwal UK Country Manager, Mick Ledden said: “Our goal is to create and sustain a strong safety culture where everyone plays a part in keeping themselves and others safe and operations working efficiently.

“MissApp is a great idea as it allows spontaneous reporting of a near miss, when it is fresh in the minds of people involved. It also means we can respond as swiftly as possible, if necessary, to support workplace safety.”

Data generated by the app will allow Riwal to analyse and compare safety behaviours across national boundaries and between work groups – insights that will help it target safety activity where it is needed most.

As part of the Riwal Way, the company has five core values and safety is at the top of the hierarchy. The other core values include responsibility, integrity, engagement & teamwork.

A small proportion of near misses are incidents that could lead to personal injury. More common near misses are those that interrupt operational efficiency. Near misses have included mitigation slip & trip hazards, defective equipment, and transport related issues.

Finding ways to increase near-miss reporting is one of the recommendations in a new Parliamentary report published by an all-party group of MPs investigating serious injuries and fatalities while working at height.