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Riwal maintains cutting edge with new all-electric boom lift

Sales Manager Riwal Scandinavia, Jesper Becker (left) and owner of Sørby Utleie, Lars Sørby (right)

Riwal has continued its leading role in the development of sustainable powered access solutions with the creation of an all-electric JLG 660SJ boom lift.

Riwal has sold two of the telescopic boom lifts, converted from diesel power, to the Norwegian rental company Sørby Utleie.

The JLG 660SJ battery electric powered boom allows the company’s clients to continue their projects while significantly reducing their carbon emissions.


Pedro Torres, Riwal Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our focus on developing sustainable solutions is driving this innovation involving 100% electric boom lifts.”

Lars Sørby, owner of Sørby Utleie, said their purchase of large electric booms from Riwal was being driven by customer demand and Norwegian regulations aimed at promoting sustainable business solutions.

Riwal UK Country Manager Mick Ledden said: “Riwal’s continued investment in 100% electric boom lifts is a clear signal of our forward-thinking approach to powered access.

“It’s a principle that permeates all other aspects of our service, through the Riwal Way, which makes sure we deliver the same high standard of service to every customer anywhere in the world.

“We’re also seeing a groundswell of interest in electric-powered access platforms in the UK, which we are well placed to meet through our expertise in the technology.

“Thanks to our European supply network we will be able to quickly supply customers with more hire options of 100% electric boom lifts as they come on stream.”

The JLG 660SJ boom lifts were converted from diesel to electric by Riwal’s technical team led by Nico den Ouden in the Netherlands.

They have a maximum working height of 22 metres, a noise level below 70 Dba and generate zero carbon emissions at the point of works.

They also have 230-volt integrated battery chargers and non-marking tyres so they can operate just as easily indoors as outdoors.

Riwal has also developed the first 100% electric super boom by converting a JLG 1350SPJ boom lift, delivering zero emission performance with a maximum working height of 43 metres.