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Riwal Host Free BIM Webinar

Riwal BIM Webinar - June 30th - 9am-10am

If you already work with BIM or would like to start utilising building information modeling, we can help you work more effectively with the process. At Riwal we are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday June 30th to share our BIM expertise and past experiences.

As powered access specialists, our top priorities when working at heights are safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency. As part of achieving this, we set up a fully equipped BIM department and now we want to pass on our BIM expertise.

Lasting for 60 minutes, the webinar will cover the following topics;

  • Working safely at height

  • Working together in the preliminary phases to create a digital height plan

  • How to build cost-efficient and effective maintenance in an atrium

  • Sustainable construction options, including different types of machines, such as electric

  • The accessibility of difficult places for both maintenance and construction

  • Solutions for installers such as 'tube carriers’' or 'modular construction'

  • Construction logistics

Our two BIM experts, Stasz Zernicke and Kees van Benschop, will give real-life examples when explaining all topics and will also give demos in Revit so you can watch how to approach potential issues. 

Let us help you work smarter with the use of BIM by joining our webinar on Tuesday, June 30th 2020 At 09:00 - 10:00 (GMT).

Register now so you don’t miss out! Click here to register.