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New low-level powered access additions to the Riwal hire fleet

Riwal SJ16s

Riwal UK has made a substantial addition to its low-level powered access hire fleet, with the purchase of new Skyjack SJ16 vertical mast lifts and Skyjack SJ4632 DC Scissor Lifts.

Gary Specht, Riwal UK Rental and Fleet Manager, says: “The new Skyjack additions to the Riwal powered access hire fleet will help ease the pressure on our customers who need a range of mobile aerial platforms designed for safe internal use.

“The acquisition is part of our on-going investment plan to fuel growth and support our clients with one of the youngest fleets in the market.”

Skyjack Vertical Mast Lift offers flexible low-level powered access

The Riwal UK Hire Desk has seen increased demand for low level powered access from customers who are reluctant to use ladders on health and safety grounds and don’t have the time to construct aluminium towers.

Customers find the Skyjack SJ16 Vertical Mast Lift is a safe alternative to ladders and conventional scaffolding for customers in the facilities management, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and construction sectors.

The light weight and compact Skyjack SJ16 electric vertical mast lifts come in at the higher end of the low-level powered access class.

The Skyjack SJ16 offers a working height of 6.75 metres and 227kg lifting capacity. At 0.77 wide it can fit through most single doorways and in lifts.

It is drivable indoors at full height with the traversing platform retracted.

Skyjack Extendable DC Electric Scissor provides superior reach

Riwal SJ4632

The new Skyjack SJ4632 extendable electric scissor lifts have been purchased to meet the demand for superior reach for applications including interior fitouts, ductwork installation, electrics, warehousing and high-level cleaning.

The SJ4632 is a tough, manoeuvrable and self-propelled high reach electric scissor lift. Its wider deck and longer platform offers a larger safe working area, and the 1.22m deck extension slides out for up-and-over reach.

It has a larger basket (1.1m w x 2.1m l) that increases the safe working area for operatives and their equipment

The Skyjack SJ4632 offers a working height of 11.75m and a platform capacity of 317kg. 

Powered access vs conventional scaffolding

Powered access offers a number of benefits when compared to scaffolding, including safety improvements as there is no need to climb up tower ladders.

Ladders account for around 40% of falls from height accidents in the UK.

There are also productivity gains as there is no time required to assemble scaffolding. Many models of scissor lift have significant load carrying capacity and are drivable for quick repositioning.

Hire the Skyjacks today

Contact the Riwal UK Hire Desk on 0844 335 2993 for more information about the range of vertical mast lifts and electric scissor lifts we have available. Our specialist and approachable hire advisors are available to recommend the correct machines for your application.