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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help with your order or got a burning question that you need answered straight away? Riwal has got you covered! Just click one of the questions below and get the answer to your question. 

If you still did not find the answer you were looking for, feel free to contact us!




  • To what extent of weather can I use my aerial work platform
    Usually, an aerial work platform can be used in all kinds of weather as along as the windforce does not surpass wind force 6 (13 m/s). However, this may differ for some machines. Therefore Riwal advises you to always check the operating manual before starting your work. In case of a thunderstorm all work at height must stop immediately. 
  • Do I need to wear a harness, when I operate my machine?
    This depends on what machine type, you are operating. The necessity of wearing a harness on your machine is specified in the operating instructions of the machine. If you are still in doubt about whether or not you should wear a harness after reading the instructions, contact your local technical help desk. 
  • What kind of safety harness do I need to wear, when I am operating my machine?
    The varies according to which type of machine, you are operating. Riwal's advice is: Always wear a short, adjustable safety harness when operating a telescopic boom lift. When operating a scissor lift you are not obligated to wear a safety harness. However, this may differ according to the type of work, you are doing, the customer's own regulations and the regulations of the location. Therefore always make sure to check with your surroundings and find out if you should wear a harness or not. 
  • Do I have to do a machine check-up on my machine before I use it?
    Yes, always. Before starting any kind of work, you should always do an inspection of you rmachine to make sure it has no defects. If you detect any damage or technical malfunctions on your machine, contact your local technical help desk right away. 
  • Can I operate my machine by myself?
    Yes, you can operate a Riwal machine by yourself, but you should always have assistance from the ground especially if you are operating an aerial work platform. In case of an emergency it is crucial to have a person on the ground, who can lower the machine from the ground. 
  • Do I need to inspect the work area I am going to be operating in, before I start my work at height?
    Yes, you should always inspect your work area and its surroundings before you start operating your machine. And when you do so, always remember to pay attention to substrate, obstacles, bystanders and high-voltage cables.