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Fall Protection

Courses within fall protection is aimed for persons who find themselves working in heights.

About Fall Protection

The fall protection course is a total solution within safety, where there is both teaching in fall protection and equipment learning. By demand we can even deliver the right equipment for you! The fall protection course will be held by one of our certified and highly experienced and professional training instructors.

Within fall protection there are a various number of different courses.

The courses within Fall Protection Riwal Safety Training delivers are:

  • Competent Inspection Person

    The participant will obtain competences to do an inspection on non-technical fall protection equipment, this means equipment, which not have to be separated for inspection. The attendant will obtain a basic understanding for the equipment and will be able to keep log over regulatory inspection. The duration for this course is 1 day. 

  • Basic Harness

    This course makes the participant able to use fall protection equipment by solving various tasks in height. The attendant will obtain knowledge of standards and regulations, fall theory, load theory and risk assessment so the participant can undertake their own and others safety by use of fall protection equipment. Furthermore the participant will be equipped to do checks, how to maintain the equipment, and how to fit and adjust the personal fall protection equipment. The duration for this course is 1 day.

  • Basic Height Rescue

    The course will make the participant able prepare a plan for evacuation of a fall protected colleague so a rescue can be implemented both quick and safely, if a fall from the height happens. The participant will be able to complete the evacuation and start a rescue of a colleague who hangs in a line by help of harness or stretcher by abseiling and lifting. The participant can choose the proper height rescue equipment and use it correctly and prove first aid. The participant has knowledge to the AT guidance on this field and EN-regulations for CE-marking on applied material. The duration for this course is 1 day.

  • Basic Height Rescue Refresher 

    At the course the participant will have their Basic height rescue skills refreshed within evacuation and rescue of a colleague who hangs on a line by help of harness and sketcher by for example abseiling and lifting. The participant choose the proper height rescue equipment and is trained in applying it correctly and can deliver first aid. The duration for this course is 2 days.

  • Advanced Height Rescue

The participant will get the necessary skills to complete a planned advanced height rescue in accordance with applicable AT requirements by fall protection. The participants will be able to operate and maintain various protections relating to the applicable requirements and restrictions. The participants will have to complete own evacuation and evacuation on the perished from as an example roof constructions, tower blocks, chimneys, aerial working platforms, cranes and various mast constructions. The participants will have to complete rescue in height, evacuation in situations where traditionally solutions is insufficient or impossible. The duration for this course is 4 days.

Practical info

- The length of a 1 day course is 7,5 hours. 

- After successfully passing both the theoretically and practical test a certification will be received.

- The location is at one of Riwal’s company locations (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Tilst, Glostrup or Odense) or if fitting at your own company location. 

More Information

- If you want more information about the courses or want to make your reservation at one of the fall protection courses please don’t hesitate to contact IPAF_dk@riwal.com or:

Riwal Safety InstructorPeter Olsenpeter.olsen@riwal.com

Rental Desk Manager, Per Christoffersenper.christoffersen@riwal.com