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Confined Spaces

About Confined Spaces

The safety course ‘Confined Spaces’ is for people who works in a more or less closed room, either above or below the ground (land) or the deck (off-shore), or in a larger room with bad ventilation. The participant will get knowledge to “Confined Space Entry” and obtain knowledge and skills, which make the participant able to work safe both in and around confined spaces. It is by the Riwal Safety Training recommendations and wishes that all personnel who either will or can come in touch with working situations in confined spaces is familiar with the current procedure and the best practice in the industry.

The Customer in Focus

The essential for us is to have the customer in focus in all of our safety courses. This means among other things that the courses doesn’t have to be hold at the Riwal departments, but can be hold at your job sites and with your own equipment. We do this in order to make the course as realistic as possible compared to their daily work. Peter Olsen, the senior instructor at Riwal Safety Training, with several years of experience with safety advising says: “Riwal Safety Training makes 100% customer-customized training. The customers’ needs to be educated in the exact tasks and challenges they face in their daily working routine. This is why we use the learning method – train as your work. And this is why we give the customers the opportunity to have the courses at their own company site and with their own equipment.”

It can be very complicated to be familiar with all the rules and regulations regarding working in and by confined spaces. Accidents and even death is a fact with these tasks and therefore it is important that you and your employees is trained and educated so everyone can return home safe.

At Riwal Danmark we offer to different training courses within Confined Spaces:

  • Confined Spaces
  • Confined Spaces Refresher

Confined Spaces

This Confined Spaces course will give you an understanding for working in areas in confined spaces, where you learn the principles of evacuation and rescuing a colleague with the use of harness and other safety equipment.

The participant will gain understanding to choose the right equipment for lowering and hauling and at the same time how to use it correctly, under supervision by the Riwal Safety Instructor.

Lastly, the participants will be familiar with the use of detection equipment and knowledge to escape devices.

This course is for anyone who finds themselves working in confined spaces, which in most occasions are personnel in the sector of construction, off-shore, rescue service, wind turbines etc.

Confined Spaces Refresher:

This course is for those who have been through the regular ‘Confined Spaces’ courses and wishes to get their skills and knowledge within working in confined spaces refreshed and improved. Furthermore, the participants of this course will obtain skills in planning, risk assessment, evacuation and rescuing a colleague, breath protection and detection of gases.  

Practical Information

The duration of each course is one day (7,5 hours)

After successfully passing both the theoretically and practical test a certification will be received.

The location is at one of Riwal’s locations (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Tilst, Glostrup or Odense) or at your own company location.

More Information

If you want more information about the courses or want to make your reservation at one of the confined space courses please don’t hesitate to contact IPAF_dk@riwal.com or:

Riwal Safety InstructorPeter Olsenpeter.olsen@riwal.com

Rental Desk Manager, Per Christoffersenper.christoffersen@riwal.com