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Riwal Safety Training - English

Riwal Safety Training is a relatively new implementation for Riwal Danmark. In 2017 we opened up for IPAF safety training and thereby became the first IPAF training centre in Denmark. Since 2017, Riwal Safety Training, has expanded its supply of training courses, which means that we now offer training and education in the following categories:

Riwal Safety Training is ready to train and educate both you and your employees in how to operate in the most efficient and safely method when working at heights or in confined spaces. 

Do you want to know more about Riwal Safety Training or make your booking request don’t hesitate to contact:

IPAF_dk@riwal.com or

Riwal Safety InstructorPeter Olsenpeter.olsen@riwal.com

Rental Desk Manager, Per Christoffersenper.christoffersen@riwal.com

If you click on one of the categories below you can learn more about each training course category.

Improve your safety and performance in Aerial Working Platforms with a IPAF course. 
Fall Protection
Gain higher safety at heights with a fall protection course
Confined Spaces 
Increase your safety in small or closed areas with a confined spaces course