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Spider lift

JLG X20J Plus

Specialist design: near square out rigger pattern, removable outrigger pads, removable basket and equipped with a crawler carriage allowing it to climb grades up to 28%. Exceptional flexibility: equipped with an electrical engine as well as a diesel, optional lithium batteries are available. The plus series also offer 230kg unrestricted platform capacity so you can reach more (no work envelope restriction). Rentability: forklift housing pockets for easier transport, removable control box.

Training is required to operate this machine.

  • Safety materials required:

Only select dates when the rental period is known otherwise leave dates blank.

Technical data
Brand: JLG X20J+E
Working height: 20.05
Lift capacity: 230
Own weight: 2880
Platform dimensions: 1.34 x 0.69
Propulsion: Electric
Reach: 9.9
Transport depth: 5
Transport height: 2
Transport width: 1.48
Parts Maintenance