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Articulating boom


JLG-520AJ has a variable speed engine control for improved fuel efficiency reducing operating costs. 50%* faster full elevation time (*actuals might vary) increasing workers efficiency. Half a meter more horizontal reach for an increased work envelope. 250 kg in basket vs 230 kg before allowing you to carry more tools or materials to stay on a job longer.

Training is required to operate this machine.

  • Safety materials required:

Only select dates when the rental period is known otherwise leave dates blank.

Above all. Riwal
  • Safety

    All machines are well maintained and checked after use and before delivery

  • On time

    On time delivery and fast pick up of machines

  • Machine availability

    Always the right machine available for the job to be done

  • Uptime

    A young, high quality fleet and quick field service resolution time

  • Expertise

    Get personal advice from the expert. We provide innovative customized solutions

Technical data
Brand: JLG 520AJ
Working height: 18.00
Lift capacity: 250
Own weight: 7985.00
Platform dimensions: 1.83 x 0.79
Propulsion: Diesel
Reach: 10.00
Transport depth: 7.77
Transport height: 2.27
Transport width: 2.35
Parts Maintenance