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Spider lift


For ultimate reach and working range combined with a maximum in versatility the LEO18GTplus offers additional working height, side reach and up and over clearance. The movable jib adds extra versatility for smooth and precise platform positioning. The platform with its innovative geometry and rounded-off edges provides more positioning options. It is easily detachable for passing narrow entrances of only 78 cm. The track drive with non-marking rubber tracks provides easy, precise manoeuvring and protects sensitive flooring. As a standard feature the LEO18GTplus is equipped with the mechanically height- and width adjustable track drive: The narrow setting decreases the width of the machine, in wide it increases ground clearance and stability. Also levelled driving alongside slopes is possible. On request the hydraulic track drive is smoothly adjustable at a touch of a button.

Training is required to operate this machine.

  • Safety materials required:

Only select dates when the rental period is known otherwise leave dates blank.

Technical data
Brand: Teupen 18GT
Working height: 17.6
Lift capacity: 200
Own weight: 2400
Platform dimensions: 1.42 x 0.7
Propulsion: Hybrid
Reach: 0
Transport depth: 5.12
Transport height: 2
Transport width: 0.78
Parts Maintenance