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Man lift rental

scissor lift | Riwal | Aerial work platfom | 260MRT

When you are working at height you need a stable work platform that will help you get the job done safely. A man lift can be the right machine for you. At Riwal you are at the right place for a complete inventory of man lift rentals. We have been a leading specialist in aerial work platform rental for many years, and supply companies throughout the world. We have a wide range of first-class aerial work platforms in various shapes and sizes, both new and used. If you have to work through a narrow entrance or fragile floor a man lift is what you need.

Working safely at height thanks to a man lift

A man lift is very suitable when you are working at height in work situations. This work must be carried out safely and the right machine is needed for this. Our equipment is distinguished by its versatility and quality. You always rent the most suitable and reliable machines at Riwal. We also offer the following types of aerial work platform for rent types of aerial platforms:

Personal advice

You rent every man lift at Riwal under the best conditions. When you rent an aerial work platform at Riwal, we look closely at your wishes. In addition to aerial work platforms, we also have practical trailers in order to transport the platform.

Best customer experience

We strive to realise the best customer experience in the sector. With the help of our employees, we want to reach the highest level in terms of safety, productivity and service. Safe and efficient working at height is accessible to everyone, thanks to our expertise, customer orientation, our assortment and advice.

Values Riwal

Our behaviour is built on a number of values and beliefs. These are:

  • Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Involvement

Riwal provides security to customers with every lease or purchase agreement. We have a proactive approach to safety. We take responsibility for the activities that are part of our work. We strive to do our work well, in order to offer the best possible customer experience. Every decision taken at Riwal is sincere and honest. Colleagues and customers can trust us. We stand for teamwork. Not only internally, but also form a team with our customers.

Why choose for man lift rental at Riwal?

With us quality and service come first. Thanks to our many branches in Belgium and abroad, we can always help you before, during and after your purchase. This way we remain involved with your company. Do you want to know more about man lift rental? Please feel free to contact us.