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Vertical lift rental


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A vertical lift is a type of aerial work platform that can only move vertical. Vertical lifts are the best solution when you need to do maintenance or repair work at heights in tight spaces. 

Vertical lifts fleet

In our fleet you will find twelve different types of vertical lifts. The most compact lift has a maximum working height of 4,5 meters and the biggest vertical lift goes up to 14 meters. Some types can swivel 340° for precise positioning. The construction of every vertical lift is strong and provides good support for the platform. Vertical lifts from Riwal are one of the most versatile lifts available. They are compact and can maneuver superbly in spaces that are small and hard to reach.

World wide vertical lift rental

Riwal is a leading supplier of aerial work platforms for working safely at heights. We have depot operations in 16 different countries and are active in more than 60 countries. Based on our international experience with diverse projects  we can advise on successfully managing a project and the required vertical lifts for the job to be done.

Vertical lift training for your employees

We make our own training centre available to all your employees and offer an extensive range of courses to operate aerial work platforms, such as vertical lifts. Our professional and certified trainers provide instruction and administer exams both on a theoretical and practical level.

Are you interested in learning more about Riwal vertical lifts? www.riwal.com/corporate/en/training/aerial-work-platforms


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