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Telescopic boom lift rental


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Working Height


Telescopic Boom Lifts are aerial work platform with greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial work platforms. Boom lifts extend telescopically andare ideal when you are facing tall challenges.

Telescopic boom lift fleet

At Riwal we offer a wide range of telescopic boom lifts. In our fleet you will find booms with a working height between 15 and 58 meters. That means that we have the largest self-propelled telescopic booms available in our fleet. When your job demands both height and reach, the ultra booms will get the job done. These telescopic booms can reach out to 24 meters.

Renting a telescopic boom lift from Riwal

Preventive maintenance and regular inspections are essential for safe working environments. Our rigorous maintenance procedures guarantee minimal breakdowns when you are operating our telescopic boom lifts. If any technical support is required then we are available 24/7. We will identify the job to be done together and determine which boom lift best fits your needs. We can also adapt the machines to each of your specific requirements. 

Looking for a telescopic boom lift? Rent from Riwal today! Call +31 (0)88 618 18 00 or book directly online.


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