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JLG vertical lift

When your employees are required to work overhead regularly, to reach small or tight spaces during maintenance or repair work, you need vertical lift solutions that deliver full access to these narrow corners or corridors. In this case, investing in a high-quality vertical lift to finish these tasks properly is a necessity. With a JLG vertical lift, you can be certain of reaching any tight space, as small or narrow it might be. Places that seemed inaccessible before will be a challenge no more with a vertical lift manufactured by JLG. The extensive range of JLG lift solutions that Riwal has to offer will ensure that the right type of lift is within reach. When the use of an aerial platform is not a day to day necessity, you can also decide to rent a JLG vertical lift at Riwal. With over 50 years of experience in safely and efficiently working at height, we are qualified and glad to inform you about the possibilities in buying or renting a JLG vertical lift.

The benefits of working with a JLG vertical lift

When working with a vertical lift, you’ll immediately notice the broad range of benefits that this type of machinery has to offer. The first benefit is the mobility of these types of lifts. They are quite manageable, especially when you decide to buy or rent one that’s not too big in size. When a construction site is equipped with an elevator, for example, you can easily get your JLG vertical lift from one platform to another. When working overhead, you will notice that the JLG vertical lift will get you to exactly the right height, without taking up too much space. In addition, your JLG vertical lift can be used sideways as well. Whatever difficult spot you have to reach, the JLG vertical lift will guarantee you easy access.

Choosing your JLG vertical lift

Whether you decide to buy or rent your JLG vertical lift, we understand that you want to choose the best lift right away. It’s therefore important to look at the different types of vertical lifts that JLG has to offer. A first distinction is made between push-around vertical lifts and drivable vertical lifts. Don’t mind pushing your lift from one place to the next? A push-around vertical lift is the right choice for your construction site. When you’re looking for a lift solution that will give you the highest level of comfort, a drivable vertical lift is the way to go. The next important question is the height you generally need to reach. With this information at hand, you can make an informed decision.

Used or brand new? JLG lifts for sale

When you decide to buy a JLG vertical lift, you can choose between a used or a brand new one. Regardless of your wishes and needs, deciding to buy a vertical lift is an important, strategic and overall big decision for any company. As an international leader in aerial work platforms and powered access equipment, Riwal will happily advise you to make sure that you make the right decision. With our extensive experience in renting out and selling vertical lift solutions, we know what kind of vertical lift is the right one for you, and if buying a new lift is the right idea for your company. Depending on the extent to which it is used, it could be sufficient to buy a used one. When you don’t expect to use your vertical lift on a daily basis, you can also decide to rent one. As your JLG lift rental partner, Riwal can provide you with exactly the right type.

Riwal has your JLG vertical lift

Whether you decide to rent or buy a JLG vertical lift, the minute you start to use your lift, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision. JLG is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment and therefore always manages to deliver powerful and versatile vertical lifts that are easy to use and get the job done. With Riwal as your JLG rental partner, you are sure to buy the JLG vertical lift that is exactly right for the job that you need to get done.