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JLG scissor lift

Working at extreme heights can be dangerous, especially when you’re not using the right lift equipment to bring people and material up in the air. With a JLG scissor lift, worrying about safety is a thing of the past. As the lead designer and manufacturer of lifting equipment, JLG produces premium-quality scissor lifts that combine safety with convenience. You’ll find your JLG scissor lift at Riwal; we are your JLG rental partner and supplier of JLG machinery. Whether you’re looking into investing in your own JLG scissor lift or planning to rent one of these machines for a one-time project, Riwal offers you the broadest selection and the best service.

The benefits of using a JLG scissor lift

As noted, JLG is the leading designer and manufacturer of lifting equipment, worldwide. That guarantees premium-quality scissor lifts, that are known for their safety and easy to handle operating techniques. Go above and beyond with a JLG scissor lift. It will bring you to extreme heights, ensuring you and your employees access to previously hard to reach work areas. With a sturdy base and an extensive work platform, JLG scissor lifts provide you with the highest form of comfort while on the job. Even in heavy-duty environments, JLG scissor lifts get the job done.

Riwal as your JLG rental partner

Riwal is your number one specialist in JLG scissor lift in Europe, the Middle East, Kazakhstan and India. With our collection consisting of over 18.00 machines, we provide you with JLG scissor lifts for any project across different industries, always in line with your requirements. Our far-reaching branch locations ensure that we can supply scissor lifts and other machines throughout the world. Both existing and new customers can rent a scissor lift close to their location with Riwal as their JLG rental partner. Let our expert rental team advise you about the possibilities of our scissor lifts, and make your own, informed decision.

Buying a JLG scissor lift

As a specialist in JLG machinery, we are also your supplier when you choose to investing in your very own JLG scissor lift. We know that working safely at extreme heights is of the utmost importance to your company, in construction, installations and logistics. That is why purchasing a scissor lift from Riwal is always the best idea. Our experts will gladly provide you with tailored advice, to make sure that the JLG scissor lift you eventually purchase, meets your exact requirements and needs.

Training and certification

When you or one of your employees will have to work with the JLG scissor lift you buy or rent, but isn’t in possession of the right knowledge and certification, Riwal offers training courses for aerial work platforms at our Training Center. When working with these platforms, it is obviously of the utmost importance to do this as safely as possible. Basic knowledge of the machine and a course might be necessary. Our basic aerial work platform training complies with international norms and existing legislation.

Find your JLG scissor lift at Riwal

Already made a choice on what type of JLG scissor lift you want to buy or rent? Or are you in need of some more advice, so you can make an informed decision? Either way, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we are more than happy to provide you with the necessary information. Many companies, at home and abroad, have already purchased a JLG scissor lift from Riwal. Join our customer base and benefit from the service that Riwal has to offer you.

Looking for a JLG scissor lift that meets your specific requirements? View Riwal´s broad range! You will find countless JLG lifts for countless sectors and are guaranteed first-class quality. JLG is known for the flexibility of deployment. Don’t know which type of scissor lift is suitable for your situation? No problem, our team of specialists would be delighted to tell you all about the possibilities. Just let us know what you need and we will help you choose the right JLG scissor lift.

JLG scissor lifts to rent and to buy

Depending on your budget and matching result, our consultants will recommend a specific scissor lift. When you choose a JLG scissor lift, you will get the highest quality. We only offer scissor lifts from reputable brands according to the manufacturer’s prescription. You will be buying a used scissor lift based on honest and well-founded advice from a progressive, international player: Riwal. We also continuously invest in new scissor lifts for our fleet that we offer for rent.

Our services

Buying a used JLG scissor lift at Riwal stands for:

  • High quality
  • New and used scissor lifts
  • Expert advice
  • Various brands & designs

More information?

Did you take a look at our broad range and have a question? Feel free to contact us. We are here to help you find the right solution. In addition, we ensure that you can work safely with different machines. You can contact us by telephone or by mail. Do you want to stay informed about the newest products and our actions? Follow us on our social media channels.