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JLG cherry picker

Job sites more often than not require workers to perform tasks at different heights. With a cherry picker, reaching any height is easy and comfortable, especially when using a JLG cherry picker. As the leading designer and manufacturer of lift solutions, JLG manages to provide us with premium, high-quality hydraulic cranes, the best on the market. As a supplier and JLG lift rental partner, Riwal offers you a wide range of different JLG cherry pickers. You can decide to purchase a brand new or used one or rent your JLG cherry picker. Renting is the ideal solution for companies who don’t need this type of machinery on a regular basis.

JLG cherry picker: the best in the business

Cherry pickers are usually used in building construction and the remodeling of existing constructions, but can also be found on job sites indoors, for example during maintenance and repair of lights or heating units. The hydraulic crane with the railed platform at the end allows you to raise and lower people and material to any height you wish to. When you choose to work with a JLG cherry picker, you know you are working with the very best boom lift that’s out there. JLG’s ample experience in designing and manufacturing lift equipment guarantees you a cherry picker that is easy to use and safe at all times. The powerful, versatile lift solutions JLG markets have granted the company customer trust since 1969. At Riwal, you’ll find a broad selection of JLG lift solutions. We have no doubt that you’ll find the right JLG cherry picker for your activities in our assortment, whether you decide to purchase or rent.

Riwal: your JLG cherry picker supplier

When working at height is a regular activity in your company’s line of work, it is a necessity to invest in a dependable and safe cherry picker. A JLG cherry picker will guarantee your employees access to a variety of heights, with the material they need at that specific point. When you are interested in buying a cherry picker, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you’re interested in purchasing a brand new one, or decide to go for a second-hand, used cherry picker. At Riwal, both are of the highest quality, guaranteeing a long lifespan and safety at all times.

What kind of cherry picker you need on your type of construction site depends on various circumstances. What kind of materials do you usually transport, how movable do you need your cherry picker to be, and does traveling through narrow corridors occur on a regular basis? Asking yourself these questions is the first step to making an informed decision about the type of cherry picker you need. At Riwal, we are happy to help! We understand that this is quite an important and expensive investment, and we’d love to help you choose the right aerial work platform.

Riwal as your JLG lift rental partner

When you don’t need a cherry picker on a daily basis you can always look into the renting options. With Riwal, you know you’re renting your cherry picker from a trusted partner who will provide you with specialist advice at any given moment. With a global rental fleet of 18.000 machines, we know what we’re talking about. Renting an aerial work platform requires specific expertise on the hiring company’s part. That is why Riwal offers training, with an emphasis on providing the people who will work with a JLG cherry picker with instruction and certification as machine operators. As an official training center for aerial work platform courses developed by IPAF, the international organization with an expertise in the safe and effective use of this type of machinery, we are more than qualified to do so.

Get your JLG cherry picker at Riwal

Not sure whether to buy or rent, or still searching for the right JLG cherry picker for your type of work? No worries. Riwal is happy to provide you with the advice you need to make an informed decision. Feel free to contact us to get your questions answered.