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Holland Lift scissor lift

Holland Lift scissor lift

Working safely at any height is guaranteed with a Holland Lift scissor lift. With the focus being on safety at all times, Holland Lift manufactures aerial work platforms that excel in solidity, while not compromising on versatility or maneuverability. At Riwal, you can rent scissor lifts that meet your specific requirements or choose to purchase your very own Holland Lift scissor lift for daily use. Our experts will gladly inform you to help you make the best decision.

Which Holland Lift scissor lift to choose?

At Riwal, you can choose between a great variety of scissor lifts. Even when you’ve already decided on the quality and guaranteed safety of the Dutch manufacturer Holland Lift, there are different types of lifts to choose from. The first question to be answered is if you prefer one with diesel or electric propulsion. Both are suitable for working at great heights. The diesel scissor lift is better suited for working outdoors, while an electric scissor lift is both fit to operate indoors and outdoors. However, when you need to transport heavy equipment, are searching a platform with a large working area and/or need to operate across various surfaces, including rough ground, diesel is the right choice for your line of work.

Purchasing or renting

With Riwal, you can choose to purchase your Holland Lift scissor lift or rent it for a specific amount of time. When you need a scissor lift on a daily basis, you’ll make the right decision by investing in your own Holland Lift scissor lift. Planning on only using a scissor lift for a short amount of time, for example for one project? You can choose your Holland Lift scissor lift from our extended rental fleet.

Premium service

Whether you decide to buy or hire, the specialists at Riwal will gladly inform you about the specifications and by doing so, guide you toward making an informed decision. With our specialists, you’re sure to end up with the right Holland Lift scissor lift for the job that you need to be done. If it’s needed, we can also tailor our scissor lifts to your specific requirements. At Riwal, we are highly aware of the fact that purchasing or renting this type of machinery can be a big investment, and we always want you to end up with the scissor lift that is suitable for your line of work.

Contact us for more information about your Holland lift scissor lift

Perhaps you've already had a look at our broad choice of Holland Lift scissor lifts, and have questions about one of our machines? Or maybe you want to know more about the possibilities our other scissor lifts or types of machinery have to offer? At Riwal, we're here to help you with tailored advice. Simply contact us to hire a Holland Lift scissor lift now, or speak to our consultants for advice, without obligation. When you’re thinking about investing in your own Holland Lift scissor lift, our highly experienced sales team is ready to provide you with detailed advice concerning the different possibilities and specifications our broad range has to offer. They would be delighted to visit you on site to prepare a detailed assessment of your requirements and the possibilities open to you.