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Genie telescopic boom lift

Genie telescopic boom lift

With a greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform, telescopic boom lifts are engineered to enhance working efficiency in industries that require working at different heights. With a Genie telescopic boom lift, you are sure to get premium quality, with industry-leading outreach and capacity. At Riwal, you’ll find a broad range of different vertical boom lifts, as part of our rental fleet as well as for sale. Choosing the latter, you can decide on investing in a brand-new Genie telescopic boom lift, or purchasing one of our used lifts. Whatever choice you make, you can count on our experienced team to guide the process step by step, making sure you end up with the right Genie telescopic boom lift for the job you need to get done.

Which Genie telescopic boom lift to choose

The main advantage of working with a telescopic boom lift is the versatility that this type of aerial platform has to offer. Whatever sector or industry you work in, there is a perfect boom lift for every application. Thanks to the self-propelled attribute of these types of lifts, you’ll have no problem moving your lift. Equipped with sturdy transport wheels the telescopic boom lift is easy to use on rough terrain.

The operating height of a telescopic boom lift is usually between 16 and 28 meters, and it is up to you to decide which height is sufficient for the job you need to be done. Another question you need to ask yourself is if a petrol or diesel driven telescopic boom handle is preferable. Diesel is more suitable for working outdoors, while the electrically driven machines are ideal for indoor work, such as in factories, shopping centers or warehouses. Nowadays, an important additional benefit is that the electrical version emits no harmful substances whatsoever.

Brand-new or used Genie boom lifts for sale

When you’ve decided on buying a Genie telescopic boom lift, you are sure to find exactly the right one at Riwal. As a leading supplier of aerial work platforms, we are very much experienced in finding the right lift for any company or industry. Our Genie telescopic boom lifts are available in new as well as used versions, and always equipped with the latest technology. With our broad experience, we are very much aware of the fact that purchasing such a machine can be a big investment for your company. That is why Riwal will guide you every step of the way. Even when you’re already working with your Genie telescopic boom lift, you can count on comprehensive advice and service from Riwal when needed.

Genie lift rental

Don’t need a vertical boom lift on a regular basis? In that case, Riwal is your Genie lift rental partner. With our large rental fleet consisting of lift solutions of all kinds, there’s always the right Genie vertical boom lift for your industry or project for rent. Contact Riwal’s expert rental team for more information about the possibilities of renting your Genie telescopic boom lift.

Your Genie telescopic boom lift is within reach with Riwal

When you purchase or rent your Genie telescopic boom lift at Riwal, you’ll enjoy high-quality service, even when you’re already working with your lift. We can ensure that we always have the right height solution for specific jobs or industries. We will gladly guide you toward making the right decision. Just contact our team for more information.