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Genie cherry picker

Genie cherry picker

Job sites often require workers to perform tasks at different heights. With a cherry picker, elevating to these heights is easy and comfortable, especially when you purchase or rent a Genie cherry picker. As a manufacturer of premium, no-nonsense lifting equipment, Genie always manages to create machinery that offers you exceptional performance, safety and reliability. At Riwal, you get to pick your Genie cherry picker from a broad range of aerial work platforms. We can assure you that the right Genie cherry picker for your project or industry is within reach. Whether you decide to purchase or rent a piece of Genie equipment, Riwal will provide with you with the necessary advice, training and service.


Looking for a Genie cherry picker?

Cherry pickers are usually used in building construction and in the remodeling of existing structures, but can also be used indoors, for example as an order picker or during maintenance and repair work on lights or heating units at elevated heights. The hydraulic crane with the railed platform at the end allows you to raise and lower people and material to any height you wish to. When you’re looking for a Genie cherry picker, whether it be to buy or to rent, you’ve come to the right place. Riwal offers you a broad selection of different types of height solutions, including a selection of Genie articulated lifts. The question is, what do you expect from your cherry picker? What height does it need to reach and are you mainly using it outdoors or indoors? Which terrain it has to cross on a regular basis is also an important aspect in the process of making the right decision.

Genie lift for sale

When you expect to use your Genie cherry picker on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to invest in your very own aerial work platform. At Riwal, you have the choice between a brand-new or a used Genie cherry picker; both are of the highest, premium quality, guaranteeing a long lifespan and safety at all times. When working at different heights is a regular activity in your company’s line of work, it is a necessity to invest in a decent and safe cherry picker. With Genie, you’re making the right choice.

But the right brand isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you’ve decided to invest in a cherry picker. What specific type of cherry picker you need depends on various circumstances. What kind of material do you usually transport, is traveling through narrow corridors something that happens often and how mobile do you need your cherry picker to be? These are all questions that must be answered before making an informed decision. The expert team at Riwal will gladly offer you the necessary support to make sure you’ll end up with the right Genie cherry picker for your project or industry.

Genie lift rental

Looking for Genie lift rental? In that case, Riwal is also the right partner for you. With our impressive rental fleet which consists of over 18.00 units, we’ll always have the right Genie cherry picker for your industry or project. As your Genie rental partner, we are happy to inform you about all the different specifications and solutions our cherry pickers have to offer. When you contact us, we will first discuss your objectives and wishes with you, and subsequently provide you with customized advice.

Buy or rent your Genie cherry picker at Riwal

Not sure whether to buy or rent, or still searching for the right Genie cherry picker for your type of work? Riwal is glad to inform you about all of the possibilities and we will provide you with customized advice. On top of that, you can even acquire the needed certification to work with different aerial work platforms at our Riwal Training Centre. Therefore, we are your full-service partner when it comes to purchasing or renting a Genie cherry picker. Contact us for more information.