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Genie articulating boom lift

Genie articulating boom lift

Genie articulating boom lift

An articulating boom lift guarantees you and/or your employees easy access to any work area at almost any height. With its articulating arm, this type of lift is the ideal solution when performing tasks involving obstacles. You can reach up, over and even sideways with its easy to move platform. Choosing a Genie articulating boom lift, you can be sure of its premium quality, and that it is a suitable lift for the job you need done. Purchasing or renting your Genie articulating boom lift at Riwal guarantees you top service, suitable advice at any time and even, if necessary, training and certification for those who will be working with the aerial platform. Whether you’re looking for a Genie lift for sale, or decide to pick yours out of our Genie articulating boom lift rental, we guarantee you that you will find the right lift for you at Riwal.

Which Genie articulating boom lift to choose

At Riwal, you’ll find a wide range of articulating boom lifts in our genie lift rental fleet, as well as for sale. What type of Genie articulating boom lift you need depends on your line of work, construction site or the specific job you need to get done. The first question to think about is what height you need to reach. Articulating boom lifts can be either battery or diesel-powered, another choice to make. There is even an option to install white stripes on your aerial work platform, to make sure that your Genie articulating boom lift doesn’t make any black marks. That makes it ideal for indoor use. Most of our articulating boom lifts are self-propelled, allowing you to drive it to its destination and avoid transport costs.

Genie articulating boom lift rental

When you need an articulating boom lift for one specific project, or only need it a couple of times a year, renting is an ideal solution. At Riwal, you get to choose from a wide range of articulating boom lifts in our genie lift rental fleet. The specific requirements you have for your aerial work platform will determine which Genie articulating boom lift is the right one for your company or job site. Our expert team will gladly advise you to make sure that you make the right decision. But our service doesn’t stop there. With Riwal, you can count on our expertise throughout your rental period, start to finish.

Genie articulating boom lift for sale

Expecting to use your articulating boom lift on a daily basis, or at least for extended periods of time regularly? In that case, you’ll find that investing in a Genie articulating boom lift is a better idea. At Riwal, we can guarantee you that we have the right genie articulating boom lift for sale, accommodating all of your needs. We are more than happy to inform you about our new and used articulated boom lifts, and will gladly advise you toward making an informed decision. Whether you choose a brand-new aerial work platform or decide to pick one that is used, your lift will always be of premium quality.

Above and beyond with your Genie articulating boom lift

Riwal's expert team is on hand to provide you with all the necessary information when renting or buying a Genie articulating boom lift. Our ultimate objective is to fulfill every customer’s need for aerial work platforms, regardless of whether you choose to pick your lift from out articulating boom lift rental or are on the verge of investing in your very own Genie articulating boom lift. Interested in more information? Contact Riwal, your all-around supplier and knowledgeable partner in articulating boom lifts.